Mets Lineup at Washington




SS Jose Reyes
RF Ryan Church
3B David Wright
CF Carlos Beltran
1B Carlos Delgado
LF Fernando Tatis
2B Luis Castillo
C Brian Schneider
RH Pedro Martinez

4 thoughts on “Mets Lineup at Washington

  1. If you’re not going to bat Castillo second and let him do his OBP/hit-and-run game, you might as well as not play him at all. And it’s not like Church is doing anything in the number-two hole, either.

  2. Tiffany: The way Castillo is playing lately, I don’t know if there is an ideal spot for him. I like Church hitting second. He’s been successful there. I would take him over Castillo in a heartbeat.-JD

  3. I disagree Delcos. Castillo has no value in 7 hole. At least in 2 hole he will Reyes pitches to run in the event Reyes is on first.