Mets Chat Room: Does Pedro have anything left?

Jerry Manuel has been saying his faith in Pedro Martinez is in his experience, and that his “stuff,” is as good as it is going to get. That’s around 88, not a lot to be encouraged about.

In his last three starts Martinez has worked 15 innings, and given up 13 runs on 21 hits. Two of those starts have been Met losses to Philadelphia.

Overall, Martinez has given up 10 homers in his last eight starts. That’s not just rust.

Martinez hasn’t been giving the Mets innings, either. You can look for the Mets to go heavy into bullpen tonight, which, of course, is not comforting.


170 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Does Pedro have anything left?

  1. Wasn’t Pedro getting it done for the Mets in ’05/’06 with his fastball primarily in the 88-89 range though? It seems more like he’s lost his command.

  2. TJ: That was three years and a rotator cuff surgery ago. Both command and velocity are off. I’m not saying he might not have it on a given night. I’m just not counting on it like before.-JD

  3. Oh most definitely but I believe that velocity used to work for him. I think it’s more a problem of command. Perhaps movement? Is his fastball a flat and lifeless 88 post-surgery as opposed to one with good movement? Either way I anticipate Pedro hanging up his cleats after this season. I can’t imagine him to be the type to continue on like this.

  4. JD- there’s a couple veteran guys who were called up that Manuel won’t even look at – I’m not saying their the answer but at least give them a chance- throw to one batter or get an at bat….

    Ramon Martinez – could help at 2B with Easley down and Castillo struggling

    Al Reyes and Ricardo Rincon are veteran who might help in relief

    Why havent even sniffed some work….

  5. I totally agree with Ed.
    Whay has Jerry Manuel had a “refuse to use” policy with veteran Al Reyes and rookie Bobby Parnell?
    And a larger question: Why was Luis Ayala even used on Saturday night with a five-run lead?
    Who knows if the unnecessary work was a factor yesterday, but you have to get bullpen guys a rest whenever you can.
    And while Ayala gets the lion’s share of the blame for yesterday, if Pedro Feliciano doesn’t allow two more runs, we would’ve had a fighting chance down 5-4.

  6. edfever: There’s a reason why they aren’t getting any time. Talent has a lot to do with it.-JD

  7. Gil: I think you’re final sentence captured the Bullpen’s biggest problem. It always seems like when they blow it they seem to not be able to stop the bleeding.

  8. Fair enough….

    I wouldn’t even give Pedro a minor league deal let alone what he’ll get 2-3 yrs… Yes, I think he’s done but more importantly in name alone I think he gives them a false sense of security

  9. Here’s the thing: Pedro was much, much better last year, when coming right off the surgery, than he’s been this year. They say command is supposed to be the toughest thing to recover after arm surgery, but it just doesn’t make sense that his command would get worse over time, especially when it was so good last year.

  10. JD: How can Al Reyes and Parnell shed a “limited talent” label if they’re not given any opportunities to prove doubters otherwise.
    Are the Mets seriously thinking neither one of those guys is as talented as, say, Aaron Heilman?

  11. We don’t see the bullpen sessions. We don’t have a clue as to what they are showing. With a bullpen as mediocre as ours, one has to give the staff the benefit of the doubt. If someone isn’t being used, they must have nothing.

  12. Harry: I’d agree with you, except Heilman has had nothing all year and he’s being used.

  13. Does Pedro have anything left?

    Tonight the Mets send out one of the smartest pitchers now working. And tonight he will be relying more on his brain than his body. If anyone can pull this off – it’s Pedro.

    Let’s hope he can because if this season doesn’t end up in October for the Mets, there will be reverberations all the way from Shea to Citi Field.

  14. Today is 15 Sept. Heilman has been in 2 games this month. That’s pretty much the sign of a buried pitcher Gil.

  15. To TJ: Pedro was throwing in the low 90’s in 05 and early 06. He dropped into the 80’s before starting his stints on the DL.

  16. Get Pedro outta there.
    This is worse than Willie Mays stumbling around in the outfield in the ’73 Series, fighting the sun.

  17. How about Yost getting the axe this late in the year!!!! He should have been fired the same time Randolph should have been fired. Oct 2007.

  18. Biggest difference so far in the first is the Nats are laying off the shit pitches that the mets chased in the first.

  19. That could have been a big inning if Castillo didn’t make that play. But, the ball was ripped. That was a little bit of luck.-JD

  20. yes, that inning could have been much worse, but regardless it doesn’t look like the old goat is going to make it very far in this game.

  21. If the lineup relaxes they will be fine. Lannan probably threw 3-4 pitches over the plate in the first. They just need to relax and take what he gives them.

  22. Thanks folks. The blog has been up a little over a week and we just passed 1,000 comments. I am most grateful. Thanks.-JD

  23. This is not looking good at all.
    The home plate ump has a strike zone as wide as a movie theater screen.
    This looks like a long *&%$#$% night…

  24. Gil: its only 1-0. There’s plenty of time to get the lead and give it back over and over and over. We have no pen. They have no pen. We have some hitters they don’t have hitters. We can still win 13-12 easy. or not!

  25. Gift run: Guzman would have had Schneider easy. Not impressed with the job Acta has done. No talent for sure, but fundamentals last week and this don’t seem to exist.

  26. Harry: It may be early tonight, but this Mets team hasn’t yet proven to me that this isn’t 2007 all over again.
    I sat in Shea last September on several days and nights against the Phillies, Nats and Marlins and whatever way the Mets could find a way to lose, they did.
    And I watched them play the Nats and Marlins on TV and they’d find inventive ways to lose then.
    Like dealing with a cheating spouse (and thank goodness I’m not married to one who has or will and I definitely won’t), the Mets have my unconditional love, but after last year, not my complete trust.
    They have to earn that.

  27. Is the attendance at Gnat games what the Mets and Yankees will be a few years from now-lots of high priced empty seats at new stadia? Probably not, both are rich to sign enough free agents to be respectable
    John, I got around to listening to you and Joe McDonald podcast. Is that the Mets GM from the 1970s? Also could you talk more about the season and less about possible off season moves? I know, “every one is a critic, if you don’t like it, do you own podcast.” But I did enjoy it and look forward to the next.
    As Joe Beningo said this morning on WFAN “Back when Willie Randolph was fired with a 33-34 record, any Mets fan would have gladly signed up for being in first place by a game on September 15”.

  28. JD – Okay, with regard to the bullpen, I’ll accept (grudgingly) that the Al Reyes and Parnells of the world are not going to get the call because they may not be up to the job and Jerry has seen nothing from them to warrant his confidence late in a close (or, apparently, any) game. But with Easley on the shelf, why not use Argenis Reyes instead of Castillo? Hadn’t he shown enough? Castillo has “Heilman face”….meaning that – to me – he has no confidence at the plate.

  29. We all saw last year Gil. I’ll agree with you about the trust, but with these two pens, its like an nBA game, being up or down by 20 in the first 3 quarters doesn’t mean anything.

  30. Dan: Sure thing. Thanks for the suggestion. There will be plenty of time to deal with the offseason later. No, he is not the former Mets GM. We’ll be on again tomorrow at 5:30 p.m.-JD

  31. JD- gotta love peter angelos owning MASN. i finally get to see a Met game on tv. nats announcers are atrocious though. schneider comes thru early…wright has looked bad in both at bats

  32. i disagree with the assessment of parnell. he hasn’t been given a chance to pitch in a major league game, and thus we (or manuel for that matter) don’t have any idea as to what he can do.

    al reyes is just a washed up cast away retread who didn’t do anything impressive in the minors when he came over to our organization.

    but parnell is supposed to be one of the best pitching prospects we have.

    i’m not suggesting they throw him into a big spot. but there have been missed opportunities to give him a chance to pitch an inning.

    look how niese did given the chance, who knows, parnell might be able to help out even if only in certain spots.

  33. Anselmo: Good question. The thinking is they’ll go with the veteran Castillo in the playoffs over A. Reyes and need to get him going. That’s why he’s getting the bulk of the at-bats.-JD

  34. of course that is flawed logic if castillo’s continuing struggles play some part in the mets inability to make the playoffs.

  35. Alex: Parnell is part of the future, and no, we don’t know what he can do. I don’t think they want to learn at this stage of the season.-JD

  36. JD/Alex: people are making it sound like A. Reyes has been hitting well. he has been an auto out also and his range maybe slightly better than castillo but not a drastic difference.

  37. Jim,

    Kind of beat me to the punch there on A.Reyes. The real answer would be to put Murphy there but thats an experiment that wont and probably shouldnt be tried at this point.

  38. Uh-oh. What if Castillo continues for the next two weeks to show he shouldn’t have gotten an invitation let alone a four year deal and his lack of anything at the plate causes the team to miss October? Think the “let’s use him so he’s up and running for October” rationale could be really dicey. I thought Argenis looked fine, never as lost as #1.

  39. David: I’d like to see what Murphy can do there. Maybe they’ll send him to the Arizona Fall League.-JD

  40. i never suggested argenis was hitting well, only that castillo moves like my grandfather.

    but, still, by your assessment reyes should be in there over castillo. if the offense is a push and reyes has slightly better defense and is young and healthy then he should be playing.

    but, if were up to me i probably would have given murphy a start or two at second and then had ar. reyes/castillo replace him late for defense (especially say when a guy like perez or santana are pitching — guys who are generally getting most of their outs via k or fly ball).

  41. You want Murphy to learn second base send him to the Instructional league at the end of the year.

  42. it just doesnt seem castillo gives it his all…going back on that bloop, just doesnt seem he puts it all out there.

  43. Dumb pitching by Pedro. You have milledge 1-2 and he’s proven to be one of the worst off speed hitters in baseball so you groove him a fastball. Makes no sense.

  44. Harry: These kinds of games didn’t have to be this way.
    Omar Minaya has had two years to fix the bullpen mess and he has failed to do that.
    After ’06, he lets two successful relievers walk — Darren Oliver and Chad Bradford — and overpays in years and money for Scott Schoeneweis and foolishly does the same for a confessed steroid cheat in Guillermo Mota.
    After ’07, when Jorge Sosa proved he was part of the problem, Omar’s solution was to re-sign him.
    Then the Phillies landed Brad Lidge for a song, meaning the Mets could’ve snagged him when Houston made him available.
    He brings in Matt Wise and then when he goes down, doesn’t acquire an adequate replacement.
    Knowing Duaner Sanchez was still on the road to recovery, did Omar deal for an adequate stand-in for him?
    If your roof is leaking, what do you do?
    Find a stopgap, then exhaustively research and come up with someone qualified to get the job done.
    That’s common sense, but Minaya hasn’t exercised it in dealing with the bullpen.
    It astounds and infuriates me that in two years Minaya hasn’t sufficiently made moves to strengthen this team’s most glaring weakness.

  45. Who was the sports writer who said Pepe Mangual could drop anything he got his glove on, Jack Lang?

  46. John – I know Joe McDonald is a hockey reporter, but I don’t remember if he ever played – did he?

  47. Gil: Yapping to me about Omar’s failings is preaching to the choir. But I disagree on a couple of your points. Lidge was traded for Bourn (?) who at least in Philadelphia was thought highly of. And Matt Wise was a freakin bum and him getting injured was a break for the Mets.
    And most importantly of all where are all the fair weather Jet fans? Losing to some guy who wasn’t a starter in college is pretty patWednesday losing to a guy who couldn’t even get Olympians out.

  48. Dan,

    This is a bit OT, but yesterday in the NY Times Sports section, Dave Anderson began his column “A Team With No Tomorrow and a Stadium With A Past” with these words:
    “The Yankees, like elephants, have come home to die”.

    Gotta love sportswriters. They take no prisoners.

  49. I’m not yapping, Harry. I’m responding to one of your points, telling me to chill and expect a seesaw affair like we saw last week.
    If the Phillies got Lidge for Bourn, we could’ve landed him for Endy Chavez.
    And as far as the NFL goes, can’t help ya on where the Jets fans are. I’m a Dallas Cowboy guy.

  50. i wouldn’t mind castillo hitting ninth to get the double leadoff hitter thing going. If easley doesn’t come back, they cant keep doing castillo-schneider-pitcher. It’s an awful offensive strategy

  51. Dallas Cowboys? C’mon, Gil. Say it ain’t so. You just want to look at Jessica Simpson in the luxury box, right?-JD

  52. Actually, I wish Romo was dating Eva Mendes, so I could look at HER in the luxury box. 😉
    I actually came to love the ‘Boys as a kid when I was watching one of their games in the mid-’70s, saw them getting slaughtered and felt sorry enough for them to adopt them.
    After that, Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson and most of all, Tony Dorsett became my football heroes.

  53. Gil
    1. You’ve really lost me being a Cowboy fan. If you root NY you got to root NY all the way. That’s really bad—Cowboys.
    As much as I hate Eagles I hope they whip Tony badly, because we all know Donovan won’t play a whole season.
    2. Get real saying we could have gotten Lidge for Chavez. Chavez is a career backup. Bourn has lightning speed and was thought to be a very good prospect as a lead off man. Kind of like Chavez was thougth off maybe 6-7 years ago. You probably could have gotten Lidge for a Milledge but not for a Chavez. The Philadelphia talking heads did not like the trade. They wanted Bourn in CF vice Victorino.

  54. Where the hell was that 2-2 pitch to Milledge?
    Do we need to sic the Ligue boys out on Laz Diaz?

  55. Harry: Where was Bourn after his fast start?
    Back on the bench.
    And as for rooting for NY teams, I’m an original New Yorker, but now that I live in Savannah does that mean I should be a Braves fan?
    C’mon Harry!
    This is America, where we love our freedom of choice.
    How ’bout ‘dem Cowboys?

  56. I’ll be very surprised they win this and if this doesnt look like the collapse then your kidding yourself…. there finding ways to lose to inferior teams

  57. Waht he did is not the point. He was a prospect, who didn’t pan out this year. Chavez was not a prospect. The fact that you don’t know this does not make it not so. You are evaluating a trade a year after it was done. Was Bourn a dud so far, Yes. Does that negate the point that in no way would you have gotten Lidge for Chavez, No.
    Root for whomever you want. You obviosuly have no sense of humor Gil, so rather than fight with you we will part ways now. Good night.

  58. As an ex-Cowboy, Dandy Don Meredith used to sing, in his color commentary for ABC’s “Monday Night Football,” when the issue was settled: “Turn out the lights…the party’s over…”

  59. Fight?
    Harry, what’s gotten into you?
    Damn, that’s why e-chats sometimes suck — you can’t hear a voice attached to the words. I’m not at all pissed.
    Well, I’m a pissed at the Mets, but…

  60. The feud between Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson is the biggest battle of nitwits since Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan feuded over Aaron Carter.
    Is it Sandy Koufax or is it Steve Carlon the Mets have one run and one hit after 6 innings?

  61. Remember the cameras catching a guy supposedly sleeping in the Astrodome, then flipped the bird and Meredith, without missing a beat, saying, “Howard, that’s how we say we’re No. 1 down here.”-JD

  62. Pedro is done, and he did better than I thought he would. He pitched with a lot of heart. Can’t blame this on him. One hit won’t get it done against anybody.-JD

  63. Oilers versus Raiders in 1974. I think an ABC producer shouted “Say “he thinks we’re number one” over the headsets to the announcers when the TV cameras showed the image”

  64. ed: Based on what Kevin Burkhardt reported on SNY tonight, David Wright might be kidding himself more than any other Met.
    Burkhardt said Wright told him he doesn’t even think about last September, partly because he’s now playing with “a different group of guys.”
    Uh, David, there are a few new faces and a new manager, but dud, you’re essentially playing with the same group of guys.
    And they’re again teetering on blowing it.

  65. News flash!
    Hang on to your hats!
    Gary Cohen just announced that Bobby Parnell and Al Reyes are going to pitch simulated games tomorrow…
    Oooooooooooh, be still my beating heart.
    Isn’t that the kind of thing you have guys do immediately after they’re put on the roster, instead of sitting in the bullpen for two weeks with their arms collecting dust?

  66. Yes. Unfortunately I had turned off the game earlier. It was a blowout. Saw the clip a few years later with the hand blacked out on some ABC anniversary show. By that time there was a lot of tension in the booth.

  67. Manuel sucks with the pen. Guy gets two outs. Nobody on base. Pull him Jerry. Maybe the next guy will suck.

  68. Dan: I saw the first MNF Game. Jets at Browns. Homer Jones ran back a kick for a TD for the Browns. Joe Namath and Bill Nelsen were the quarterbacks. MNF was something special back then. All downhill after Cosell left.-JD

  69. JD: How is Parnell bottom of the barrel? He’s a prospect. And Reyes actually had the same save conversion rate last year as Billy Wagner.

  70. Harry: After Duaner Sanchez’s performance, is now an appropriate time to yap to you about Omar not fixing the bullpen?

  71. hey, Jerry that lefty righty crap really works bud. you know Jerry, everybody but you knows when Duaner sucks after the first batter, but what the hell, you did the lefty righty thing didn’t you.

  72. JD: Could Reyes do any worse than anyone else we’re running out there?
    Could he be worse than Heilman?
    Than Sanchez?
    Than Feliciano?

  73. okay, so here’s my point.

    obviously if the mets all of a sudden come out and score 4-6 runs this inning then you bring in someone with experience.

    but lets, for argument’s sake, assume they don’t…why not give parnell a chance to pitch the bottom of the 8th?

    wouldn’t that be a better gauge then anything they’ll be able to glean from a simulated game tomorrow?

    also, why not pinch hit daniel murphy and then stick him at 2nd for half an inning?

  74. Gil, You should know that I have bitched about Omar for as long as I’ve posted here and on the rag site Delcos used to work for under every name I might add. that was my reference to you. So no Gil there would be no good time for you to yap to me about Omar. I’ve said it from the day he made his “big” move for Wise, and nothing else. You may of course yap to all the Omar lovers in the audience, with my approval and complete agreement but not to the late and not so great Harry Chiti on this point. You probably can yap to me about the Milledge trade, but I think time will prove me right on that one too. Milledge is looking like he is learning to hit, and if he would ever play on the grass vice the dirt he might become a decent outfielder some day.

  75. Why not let Bobby Parnell and Al Reyes pitch real games this week? I think they might do better than this bullpen. Wonder if either of them can hit? We are overstocked with pitchers who can do neither.

  76. Gil- there fooling themselves and so is every other Mets fan who doesnt see the same exact thing happening again…..

    Omar’s biggest mistake was thining Sept was an abberration this is how this team responds to pressure its the core personality of the team. Sept. 07 and April 08 ( get off to a fast start) the talent is there but the mentality isn’t…..

  77. Its easy to beat on Omar now. In his defense, Who could have known Quality pitchers Like Heilman and Sanchez would turn into complete garbage? Wagner having a possible career ending injury in august? Hindsight is 20 20 as they say. He should have gotten more than Wise, though. No excuse for that. Maybe he belived the hype about Kunz being a big part of our pen in the second half.

  78. Even Manny Acta knows that you take out a crummy reliever when he’s pitching bad, not when he’s pitching good. Did you see that Jerry? I’ve given up on 13-12 for tonight. Maybe Wednesday.

  79. that had to be the biggest choke ive ever seen.

    is it time to starting thinking about the wildcard? not to whine but the phillies are not going to cool down anytime before the playoffs

  80. Hey Sadecki!!!! I know I ujsually agree with you but alas I must take exception tonight to a few of your points.
    You couldn’t expect much from Duaner after missing a year and a half.
    Wagner always sucks when it counts most so losing him in September was just replacing one piece of trash for another.
    Other than that, as usual we agree

  81. edfever- it was only a 3 game lead this time, if we’re gonna choke again,it’d be nice to at least beat the phils in the playoffs.

  82. wow…color me shocked, i mean, just shocked.

    3 up and 3 down, hitting 96 on the gun with a nice change up.

    good thing manuel only waited 15 days to give parnell a chance.

  83. agee: Beat the Phillies? If they were to meet in a three-game series this weekend on a neutral field, who do you think would win?-JD

  84. Chiti, Yes Wagner was a choker, but at least he was better than what we got now. Sanchez, maybe your right, but what about Heilman? he isnt hurt. His changeup has deserted him for some reason. Once again, Does anybody know why Kunz is off the radar all of a sudden?

  85. agreed. but my point is he could have been pitching in low pressure spots 2 weeks ago. then at least maybe he might have been an option 2 innings ago when sanchez was giving up the game.

    as things stand now, they don’t know what parnell is capable of under pressure, and they probably won’t be able to find out.

    or they’ll just have to throw him into the fire and hope for the best.

    either way is not good strategy or smart baseball

  86. This game doesn’t deserve to be ‘In The Book” — G’night everyone, hope to see you tomorrow. It was a tough day all around, both here and in the Real World today.

  87. Harry: You’re right on about Duaner and Wagner, but I like trading Milledge.
    By the way, now we know why Parnell had yet to appear: he’s too effective.
    OK, it’s one garbage time inning, but they thrusted Eddie Kunz into the mix in August and Niese into the mix now, but treat Parnell with kid gloves?
    I don’t get that.
    The end of the trail is looking more and more bleak, everyone…

  88. The Phillies have their own major set of problems. They only swept the dying Brewers who we also recently swept.

  89. Alex: You’re right. I’ve been thinking it over the past couple of innings, and what would it have hurt? Probably nothing. -JD

  90. Harry: What problems does Philly have?
    Myers, Moyer and Hamels are all pitching well, they have a great bullpen, they’ve got the MLB leader in HRs and RBIs, a second baseman and left fielder with great power, a very solid outfield defense, good defense at third, too.
    They’re in prime position for overtaking us.

  91. Ladies and gentlemen, your first place New York Mets. At least for one more night. The lead is a half-game.-JD

  92. This team laid down like the bums that they are…..sick & tired of this Mets team. Nothing has changed from last year…

  93. Gil Watch them:
    Their pen other than Lidge is toast now. Burnded out like 07 Mets. Rollins has sucked since opening day. Pat the bat has become a 100 hitter the last month, third base is a bigger disaster than our second base. Kendrick is worse than Pedro lately. Victorino has been weaker than they had hoped. Howard has risen down the steetch but Utley has been as disapointing to them as wright has been to us in the clutch this year. The grass is not greener on the other side.

  94. The only thing missing this year is Ron Hall, But his team sucks worse than ours this year, so maybe he will give us a break this time.

  95. Harry: All that you’re saying is true, but which team is dealing with the choke demon? It’s the Mets. I think the Phillies believe they can win. I’m not so sure the Mets are convinced of the same thing. Last year is very much alive in their minds.-JD

  96. Harry – say what you want about the Phillies, but they don’t lay down and clearly smell blood in the water…this Mets team probably goes 3-10 the rest of the way!

  97. I agree they (the Phils) don’t lay down…..
    And I agree JD they don’t have the demons. They broke with them the day they let Wagner go. They believe they can win…But they are not as good as they were last September when everything was clicking for them. The Mets also have the Brewers going for them unless firing Yost leads to instant turn around. And hurricane Ike has also helped the Mets as the Astros are suddenly distracted and their amazing run looks over suddenly. It may be hard not to back into a playoff spot.

  98. Harry – I still don’t agree…Mets had no heart in 2007 and now clearly have no heart in 2008. I see them going 3-10 the rest of the way and with that record, no way they back into the playoffs….if the team is toast and they continue this drop, I cannot see how Omar’s job is saved….

  99. GTC: I hope omar is history. Gil.. If they make the playoffs you never know. Santana, Perez Pelfrey. rember the Cards won only 83 games and won WS in 06 and the 73 Mets barely had a winning record and beat the mighty Reds almost beat the A’s who were an excellent team. And of course my NY FOOTBALL GIANTS who we were told every night couldn’t beat Tampa and then we couldn’t beat Dallas and then we couldn’t beat Green Bay and of course we couldn’t beat New England . NY FOOTBALL GIANTS SUPER BOWL CHAMPS. So get in and you never never know!!!!!!

  100. The Mets are losing it again. Again it is pitching. Unlike last year when both starters and pen were dogs. It is mostly the pen.

    Santana has pitched well as has OP and mostly BigPelf.

    The pen is pretty useless. Altho Wags gives up bombs, he should be able to put away the nats and atlanta. Heilman got killed a month or so ago when he was the only one on the staff who had success. He looks done for the year.

    This team has too many situational bullpen guys and no one who can go three and give up only one or two for us. so we use most of the pen in one game cause they can’t pitch. Smith is young, Sanchez has nothing and neither do most of the others. So we bring in a cast off from a losing team and pin our post season hopes on him.

    We can still win but the starters need to go at least 7 and you have to hope the pen doesnt implode.

    Pedro did what you would expect 6 and 4. very mediocre numbers, but that is who he is now.

    I say put Niese out there. At least you have a chance. It may not work out, but you know what Pedro will give you which is not much.

  101. The only good thing about watching the mets is that you never get too excited if they take a lead…

    On a brighter note, my office hired too smoking hot interns!!!!