Mets Chat Room: Wrapping up the Braves Edition.

Sorry for the late post. The boys try to wrap up their series on an up note this afternoon against the Braves. Damn that split yesterday. They let the Santana game get away. The sweep would have been sweet, but they came back strong which was a real positive sign. Losing like that, then coming back with a rookie, could have made for an ugly day.

A couple of notes:

-Damion Easley aggravated his right quad yesterday and underwent a MRI. We should know the results during the game. It doesn’t look like he’ll be available for the first couple of days of the Washington series.

-Look for Brandon Knight to start Wednesday in Washington.

Here is the Met lineup:

SS Jose Reyes
LF Daniel Murphy
3B David Wright
1B Carlos Delgado
CF Carlos Beltran
RF Ryan Church
2B Luis Castillo
C Brian Schneider
LH Oliver Perez

Looking forward to talking with you throughout the game.-JD

80 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Wrapping up the Braves Edition.

  1. NIce to hear Chipper Jones purchased a pair of Shea Stadium seats. I like that he has an appreciation for baseball history.-JD

  2. Perez got lucky with the Church catch. But, 26 pitches is a lot for the first inning. Again, the walk hurt. His command is always the main concern.-JD

  3. Again, Wright goes the opposite way with a pitch on the corner for a homer. He’s on his game for sure.-JD

  4. John,
    Welcome back. I’ve replaced the lo hud link in my favorites list and look forward to your daily insight. I know you are still working on the site, but one request…can you create a link on the banner to reload the homepage?
    Back to watching Coin-Flip. (eyes closed).
    As Always, LGM!

  5. Jay: Probably not. They would need to get Castillo going. Their thinking would be if Easley isn’t available for the playoffs they’d prefer the veteran.-JD

  6. That inning could have been a lot worse for Perez. He seems like he’s laboring today. Throwing a lot of pitches and taking his time between them.-JD

  7. Today is Daniel Murphy’s 22nd start. He has reached base safely in 20 of those 22 starts, including 8 multi-hit games (two hits on 6 occasions; three hits twice) and two games in which he drew 2 walks.

  8. I love Murphy in the two hole. Reyes looks lost again. His numbers so far this September are nearly the same as last Sept.

  9. JD- another move by the braves/nats that really shows how badly they want to beat the mets…pulling the pitcher after 3 and 2/3?

  10. Ray: You’re on the money. Reyes went into the game with a .209 average and .277 on-base percentage so far for the month.-JD

  11. For those interested in baseball history, Derek Jeter has just tied Lou Gehrig for the most hits at Yankee Stadium – 1269 – with a home run into the right field stands. That makes 9 hits in two days for Derek.

  12. Nice to be able to see and hear Ralph Kiner join Ron and Gary in the booth today. A lot of baseball knowledge there.

  13. Well I guess he’s coming out for the seventh. This is the right move….steal another inning from him.

  14. John – re: Pitch Counts – I’d be interested in what you think in retrospect about removing Santana from his game yesterday.

  15. Annie: He threw enough pitches to where he could have stayed in. However, the two hits he gave up to start the inning were hit hard. It was a good move to pull him.-JD

  16. Borderline pitch too close to take. Church Still hasnt gotten it going since his return. Nice to see Wright is being Wright again. Looks like all the other bats have been quiet this series.

  17. Annie,
    Good for Jeter. I hate the yanks, but I respect Jeter. I read an article today that said in yesterdays loss, Jeter was the only one playing hard for them.

  18. This could be Chipper’s last at-bat at Shea. Kind of surprised he didn’t hit it in the picnic area.-JD

  19. I respect Jeter, too, after watching him all those years. However, I don’t buy for a second he is the only Yankee playing hard. Truth be told, I would have liked to have seen Gehrig keep the record for hits at the Stadium.-JD

  20. Tiffany, Glad to see you found you way here. Its just not the same without your sarcastic wit.

  21. Please don’t let Francouer beat them. I’d rather see Infante go deep than to have that brainless free-swinger do them in again.

  22. Joe Smith is Nasty. Hey John, Whats with these new dark blue hats? I think I started seeing them around 9-11. Is there a connection there?

  23. Ray: Those are the hats they wore on July 4. The NY had red-white-blue stitching. Really sharp looking. Jorge Julio. Wow! There’s a blast from the past.-JD

  24. Didn’t look like Castillo broke hard out of the box. He could have had second. Another run would help.-JD

  25. Tiffany: If Anderson gets a hit to drive in Castillo, would you say hell had just froze over?-JD

  26. By the way, tomorrow I’ll have another podcast before the game. I’ll have details shortly. Please tune in. Will be taking phone calls.-JD

  27. Phillies won the first game. They could tie Milwaukee for wild card with a win in the second game.-JD

  28. Ray: As good as Ayala has been, wouldn’t you feel just a little better had they scored another run?-JD

  29. the phillies are going to win the second game, the brewers have prooven that they aren’t a playoff caliber team, and the mets had better hang on here. why can’t the other team just go down 1,2,3 like we always do?

  30. That’s it for Jerry as far as getting a contract for next season. His instincts with the ‘pen have been almost as bad as Willie’s. This isn’t Wagner, 2 on no out why the hell do you stay with Ayala?

  31. BH: I think Manuel will get a contract. I also think he’ll get a lot of consideration for Manager of the Year. As far as his instincts with the pen are concerned, I’m not sure if it bad instincts or bad options out there.-JD

  32. BH, Did you see the Idiot Wally Matthews article the other day that Mets should give Manuel an extension right now. (with 17 games to play).

  33. i think the playoffs are the least of our worries. how many time are we going to lose a game that we led in the 9th inning?

  34. agee: Just guessing, but could it be because he’s not that good? His stats with the Mets are an aberration.-JD

  35. You know, it’s still a winnable game for the Mets. Two runs down is hard, but not the end of the world. Stokes has to slam the door now, but he hasn’t been lights out lately, either.-JD

  36. Getting the Braves feed here. Its funny, they showed a back page from the post from a few days ago with the Headline “Sweet 17, No choke for the Mets this year. On a little corner blurb was: Wagner: Im finished as a Met.” Is that Ironic, or what?

  37. Well, now that this game is “In the Book” and we know for sure that the Braves still matter, how about the relevancy of the Nationals?

    The Mets will take on the Nationals tomorrow night in DC at 7PM – I hope Pedro brings his “A” game.

  38. Damn, I thought this was a slam dunk because Tom Brady isn’t playing. … I know this is piling on, but would anybody be surprised if the Phillies lose tonight?-JD

  39. The worst road team in the league comes in and takes 2 of 3. Meanwhile, The Phillies are rocking in Milwaukee. The schedule is Definitely in Phils favor now. Meanwhile, Davidoff says no way the Mets are going to spend for Frankie this off season and will look for cheaper solutions for closer next year.

  40. Ray: I agree with Ken because of all the money they have tied in with Wagner. If they have to pay Wagner $11 million, I don’t see them paying $15 million for Rodriguez. That’s $26 million for a closer. I can’t see it considering what else is on their shopping list.-JD

  41. I can’t tell you how badly I need the Jets to win this game now. I’m totally crushed right now

  42. Cmon, John, they are making money hand over fist. 56,000 in the park. New park next year with exorbitant prices. They dont have to sign any new position players. Pedros coming off the books.In hindsight, It was not too bright to Sign a 35 year old pitcher with arm injury history to a 4 year deal, who couldnt be insured because of those injuries. Frankie is only 28 with no Arm injury history. He can be insured.

  43. They are making the bucks, but they will have to pay out a lot, also.

    -They’ll either pick up Delgado’s $16 million option or pay for a new first baseman.

    -They need a closer to replace Wagner.

    -They must pay for two starters; to replace or bring back Perez, and to replace Martinez.

    They’ll spend a lot this winter, and as much as I like Rodriguez, I see them taking the cheaper route.-JD

  44. What happened to Kunz? Hes not even in the discussion anymore. As for the starters, they have to try to keep Perez. There are a lot of good starters in the market this year, so If he gets too riduculous in his demands there are plenty of other choices out there for the money they are paying Pedro this year. Get a lesser pitcher for the slot they are paying Ollie now, 6-7 mil. that fills the 4th spot. Let the young guys Niese, Parnell etc. fight it out for the fifth spot. That means starting pitching costs the same. Signing Frankie will raise payroll by 12 to 15 mil with Wags coming off the books after one more year. that keeps the payroll even. Delgado comes off the books after next year, freeing up 16 Million more.