Today was a crusher, and that’s even before the Phillies play their second game tonight against Milwaukee. With a win, they can close even with the Brewers for the wild-card and a game behind the Mets.

The same old issues did in the Mets today. They didn’t hit in the clutch and their bullpen caved. Oliver Perez did not pitch well, but was in position to win. It looks as if Perez regressed in his last few starts and that’s another cause for concern.

If the Mets didn’t take care of business against the Braves at home, it makes you wonder if they can do it next week against them in Atlanta. And, the Washington Nationals always play them tough. For games in DC won’t be a breeze.

Pedro Martinez goes tomorrow, but your guess is as good as mine as to what he’ll give the Mets. His durability is an issue, and you know he can’t be counted on for more than five.

16 thoughts on “Concerned?

  1. I sure am concerned. With Myers pitching tonight and Pedro tomorrow, it’s safe to say the lead will be .5 games tomorrow, only because Philly has an off day.

  2. very concerned of course…but this team has shown the ability to bounce back. the mets are a far superior team than the nats and need to show it this week.

  3. Fairly concerned. Billy Wagner can drive you crazy but he is more reliable than anyone else in there. Our old buddy Guillermo Mota lost to Philadelphia to hurt the Mets once again.
    With last year’s finish, could MLB have made its schedule so the Mets and Phillies played a series the last week of the season?
    Any data on if Chipper Jones is the biggest Mets-killer of all time? I usually think of pitchers: Koufax, Marichal, Bob Friend and Vince Coleman drive the Mets crazy stealing bases on Gary Carter at will. But hiiters? I was thinking of Mike Schmidt because he won opening day in 1974 with a two run homer off Tug McGraw, But looking at his stats he was 49 HR with a .255 BA in 910 AB.

  4. OP is trying some ridiculous things on the mound. His windup is never the same two pitches in a row. There is no way the Mets make a long term commitment to him. Probably will go hard for Burnett. May as well bring him home!

  5. JD I’m concerned, but there is a silver lining… if the seemingly inevitable occurs and we lose the division to the Phillies, the Brewers look like they’d be lucky to split the rest of their games and the Stros are 3 and a half back of us if the Cubbies hang on tonight. I think even if we go 8 – 6 over the last 14, we will have the wild card. Now I would rather play the Dodgers than the cubs, but the playoffs are the playoffs.

  6. Glad I watched the Giants vice the Mets. Will anybody explain why when you have a bullpen filled with mediocrities and you bring in a guy, today Joe Smith, and he does good, why doesn’t he pitch the next inning?????????? This loss is on the interim manager.

    Second why can’t one of our over babied starters pitch on 3 days rest??? Myers pitches tonight on 3 days rest and goes 9 and pitches a freakin 2 hitter. We have to pitch a reject from the Olympic team or some similar reject because our guys have to be babied all the time.

  7. I couldnt agree more with Harry about the 3 days rest thing. In the past week both Myers and Moyer did it for the Phils meanwhile Brandon Knight will be taking the ball on wednesday night.

  8. To me the next 4 days vs the nats will say a lot. Many of us optimistic fans have pointed to this team’s ability to bounce back from some grim losses. Well this weekend counts as just that. They need to pound the ball from here on out and know they cannot rely on that bullpen for a thing.

  9. Hey John, Glad you are up and running on your own as I’ve always enjoyed your commentary. But I do have to say that I think you are often harsh when it comes to Ollie. He did not have his best stuff yesterday, but months ago – and certainly a year ago – he would likely have completely lost his way and been bombed. Which is what did not happen today. He battled. In fact, on the whole, he has shown more of a tendency to keep himself focused since Warthen came on. So, I don’t see him as not having pitched well; for what he had to work with, he pitched quite well (though not as strongly obviously as he’s pitched at other moments).

    As for whether I’m dejected: I thought I wasn’t last night but find that I am this morning. The ghosts of last September!…

  10. Concerned isn’t the word I would use. I have no confidence at all that the Mets will make the playoffs. This will be two years in a row that the Mets bull pen can’t get the job done. The Mets have a chance of making the wild card but Houston is only 2 back and playing very well down the stretch. I can see the nats and marlins killing the mets again this year down the stretch. I also can see the Braves doing it as well.

  11. People can say all they want that intangibles are BS, that it’s all about talent and preformance…..I respectfully disagree i believe players can rise to occations and elavate their game…. While I hate the Phils I have to respect their ability to put the hammer down, they sense the moment and find away…meanwhile our team buckles under the pressure, its a mentality, even in 06 this team never figuratively put their foot on the throat of an opponent… After climbing back in and once again raising hopes I think were once again in for disappointment-hope I’m wrong……

  12. Ed, I agree to a point. Talent is still key. Why did the Phils sweep the Brewers? because they are the only team in the league with a worse bullpen than the Mets. The Mets have shown resiliency this year. Even yesterday, they got the tying run to the plate, and have had lots of comebacks lately. The difference between the Phils and Mets? they have Lidge closing and we have Ayala.

  13. Ray,

    were pressing so hard at the plate I’m waiting for a bat to break without a swing….Tacking on runs has been just as much to blame as the pen…. how many scoring opportunities has this team blown and then the pen allowed a two run lead slip away. they can deny all they want we have the talent to beat these teams we dont have the mentality…….
    “I believe in momentum,” manager Charlie Manuel said. “I believe in attitude, charisma, whatever you want to call it when you come to the ballpark. Everything is upbeat. Everybody is happy. . . . Believe me, all those things count.”

  14. Ed, Good points, and I agree. That being said, would the hitters be pressing so hard in the mid and late innings with a 2 run lead if they had a dependable bullpen to hold the lead? having a lights out closer is a luxury the Mets have not had since Johnny Francos heyday.