Mets Chat Room: Let’s Play Two

Mets and Braves playing a doubleheader at Shea today. Rain in the forecast for tonight. First game at 4 p.m., the second about a half-hour later. Late start courtesy of TV.

Johan Santana against Mike Hampton in the first game; Jon Niese and Jo-Jo Reyes in the second game.

Brian Schneider catches Santana and will catch Oliver Perez tomorrow. Robinson Cancel will catch Niese in the second game.

Jerry Manuel tried to be coy before the game, saying he didn’t know the club’s magic number is 14. Don’t believe him. I think he’s aware of all those things. He’s too sharp not to know.

Speaking of which, I think it would be appropriate to announce an extension for him and his interim coaches.

138 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Let’s Play Two

  1. They still boo Hampton. I guess people are really sensitive about the schools around here.-JD

  2. JD, you should think about a streaming chat like Hotfoot does. Would be nice to see a room moderated by someone not 16 years old.

  3. I have thought about that. It’s a matter of downloading some software. I hope to get it up and running in the next few days.-JD

  4. It’s not the schools they’re sensitive about; it’s Hampton’s lame-o excuse about them. He would have done much better to simply state the truth and say he was uncomfortable in NY, rather than to make up some bullshit line about there being better schools in Colorado.

  5. Tiffany: That would be speaking the truth, and we know many players are incapable of that.-JD

  6. I’d boo Hampton for a weak outing in Game 2 of the 2000 World Series and for not plunking a Yankee after Roger Clemens threw a bat shard at Mike Piazza in that game which will live in infamy.

  7. JD do you still go to the games or are you watching on a tv like the rest of us. I know you said you have a lifetime membership for the baseball writers of america.
    just wondering if you still go to the games

  8. I second that Gil. Phils up 3-0 still only one out in first. Between the Brewers choking and the hurricane messing up the Stros pitching staff, it looks like Mets and Phils both in playoffs and we could very well be playing Joe Torre in the first round. Won’t Hankee the Yankee love that!!!

  9. Steve: I am at Shea this afternoon. In the press box. My seat isn’t as good as it used to be, but I’m here. Also worked the clubhouse as usual.-JD

  10. Howie Rose on Fox just confirmed what Harry, JD and I believe is the reason why Hampton is so depised in Queens – that not only did Hampton not retaliate, but the next year after he pulled his bank heist in Colorado, he had the nerve to say that Piazza should’ve charged Clemens that night.

  11. Santana is all o0ver the place. It looks like he doesn’t have his control today. I don’t think the mets can afford Santana pitching only 5 innings or the bull pen is going to get over exposed like last year and we all know what happened. The Mets offense needs to produce big time.

  12. JD- johan seems to struggle early in games and get into “a nice little groove”.. how many innings do you see in him today..71 pitches already in the fifth

  13. I hope so John… Do you think Jerry will stretch him out like he did against Philly.. instead of pulling him at 105 110 pitches.. let him get to about 120? 125

  14. Jim: I don’t see Jerry stretching him out. I believe he’ll go to the pen and preserve pitches. Of course, a few runs would make it a lot easier.-JD

  15. this is a key situation i feel.. being able to tack on runs is a big part of keeping pressure off that bullpen etc. tack some more on damion!

  16. Easley’s at-bat is a perfect example of why trying a squeeze every now and then — especially in THAT situation, is a good idea. Easley’s a good bunter and Beltran is a fast runner at 3rd. I never understood Willie’s — and now Jerry’s — resistance to use it. It’s hard to defend and when executed, almost always produces a run.

  17. Schneider and Easley….come on, just terrible results with no outs and bases loaded…that cannot happen. I would really like to see more of Reyes at second, I know Easley has had his moments, but I don’t like him playing this much.

  18. Gil, good idea but not with the bases loaded–a weak bunt and you can just flip to the catcher or the catcher can touch home for the force.

  19. FYI: I don’t know how many of you got a chance to listen to the podcast I had with Joe. We are scheduling another for Monday and would like to develop a schedule. Our thinking now is in the early evening acting like a pregame show.-JD

  20. John, the podcast was informative but a little long. An late afternoon pre-game show, before WFAN at 6:30, with lineups and pre-game news and notes would be very worthwhile.

  21. Jeff H.: Thanks. Yes, we agree it was too long. I’m thinking 15 minutes at the most and to make it tight.-JD

  22. Tiffany: My old paper sunk to that and we lost several female readers and parents wouldn’t let their kids on. Not sure I want to go that route.-JD

  23. John, any update on who will pitch Wednesday’s game? Figueroa is logical but the Nationals have done well against him (“softball girls”).

  24. Jim: I would let him. And, if he breezes through that. I’d let him go for the shutout. Why not? He’s a big boy.-JD

  25. carlos often seems to extend his strike zone..i like him being aggressive be has been (still is) very susceptible to a low breaking ball or curve ball (ie adam wainwright :( ) come on johan…JD i think johan pitches the 8th if no trouble but jerry goes with ayala in 9

  26. wow…not a good start of this inning. the mets need this one with philly already up big. not good

  27. For all of Jerry’s good moves I have to say that his track record of making a call to stretch out a starter has been about as bad as you can get.

  28. Seven times.
    That’s seven damn times the bullpen has blown a game for Santana when he stood to be the winning pitcher.

  29. Its real simple BH. Your starters are much better than your relievers. Therefore, you have to stretch your starters as much as possible.

  30. They might have been Santana’s runners, but the job of the bullpen is to keep them from scoring.-JD

  31. Harry: Agreed.The first two hits off Santana were hit hard. He had lost it. If they kept him in any longer this still might have happened.-JD

  32. So Danny Boy Murphy is not platooned with Tatis. Irish eyes are not smiling upon you Jerry Manuel.

  33. Question, anyone think Beltran should have slid and taken out McCann on the Easley DP? Seems like he put no effort into breaking it up.

    BAd game all around.

  34. Hmm, well… that sucked. Besides the fact they lost, the game was boring as hell too.

  35. Benny: It usually is boring when a team doesn’t hit. Phillies win. The Mets lead now by two games.-JD

  36. JD- this team has been very resilient but i think this loss was very damaging… seemed like the team was in cruise control and just absolutely let one get away.. phils are going to be only 2 bakc going into tonight…and niese going. i dunno, gotta make a Met fan nervous

  37. game seemed to be on cruise the whole way… was way too similar to last yr. hard to get those memories out of your head, but thi team has shown heart. big game tonight

  38. Jim: I asked the question prior to the series on whether the Braves were still relevant. Looks like they are. The Braves beat the Mets’ best in the first game. In the second game they get Jon Niese.-JD

  39. im only 21 so the mets have and always will be revelant to me.. ive seen way too many games just like that where the braves just find a way to beat the mets. 2.5 and 1.5 is a big difference, so hopefully niese shows something

  40. Santana has given up three or fewer runs in 25 starts this season. The Mets have lost eight of those games, with Santana taking the loss four times.-JD

  41. The Mets have the best broadcasters in baseball. How can SNY have such a putrid bunch of personalities? Keep Cotter and get rid of the rest of these clowns. All they do is regurgitate everything posted on various blogs.

    And btw, who at SNY do guys like Ted Berg and Cerrone have pictures of in compromising situations that get them air time? Amazing how extra cable channels opens up air time for amateurs who know basically nothing.

  42. Santana’s game was the game to win and the Mets core players came up empty. Reyes, Wright,Beltran and Delgado. Easley and Schneider were in the position to blow the game open and they came up flat. I would be surprised if the Mets won this game.

  43. Speaking of announcing, I”m watching the Nats vs Marlins game right now its the MASN feed and there is absolutely NO announcing going on. I’m not sure if its a technical difficulty or what but it sounds wierd yet cool.

    Bah, I don’t think the Braves are relevant, big deal, they won one game… I wasn’t aware the Mets weren’t allowed to lose a game. I don’t even think I hate them anymore.

  44. As soon as I hit submit, the Nats announcers open thier mouth. So much for that.


    SS Jose Reyes
    RF Ryan Church
    3B David Wright
    CF Carlos Beltran
    1B Carlos Delgado
    LF Fernando Tatis
    2B Luis Castillo
    C Robinson Cancel
    LH Jon Niese

  46. yea im not gettin it on and its getting blacked out on my extra innings package…..lucky me

  47. I’m buying a slingbox next year and hooking it up to my dad’s tv, broadcast SNY straight to my comp. This is just dumb.

  48. i hope niese continues to pitch strikes. big start for the mets
    tack runs on fellas…. hows niese stuff look in person JD

  49. I’ll bet you a plate of Eat n’ Park cookies that it was a run-scoring single with Easley out there.

  50. Tiffany, I don’t know. Benny, I haven’t seen the commercial, but I trust your judgment. The only thing I have to say right now is GO BUCKEYES.-JD

  51. I have no feed.
    Listening to WFAN on because I absolutely refuse to listen to the Atlanta announcers here in Georgia.
    If anyone wants to know how big college football is here in the South, this Braves game isn’t being carried on TV, as both SportSouth and Peachtree TV already were contractually obligated to college football coverage.

  52. JD and everyone else: My “what a pisser” post earlier, about the result of Game 1 is a reference to a line uttered in what classic slapstick big screen comedy?

  53. Word is, pitchers learn to cover first base on that play the first day of spring training.-JD

  54. Niese is nice. I like what I’m seeing so far. His fastball has nice movement. His curveball is sick. If he can learn to throw more strikes he can be a dependable guy. Best part he is 21 years old, so he has plenty of time. Awesome!

  55. I know it is too soon to be making projections for him, but several good outings should give him a leg up for the fifth starter job next spring,-JD

  56. Is it just me, or does the name Buddy Carlyle sound like a jabroni wrestler from the 1980s World Wrestling Federation who always “lost”?

  57. The mlb feed is on finally… Hagen, I hope I never have to listen to you again. No wonder Met fans like Cohen!!!!!

  58. Weighing in at 210 pounds from Omaha, Nebraska, Buddy Carlyle!

    Fans: Indifference

    Indifference is the true sign of being a jabroni.

  59. Oh boy! I can hardly contain myself. The only thing that would be better would be to get on the Kiss Cam.-JD

  60. niese strong thru 6…. love to get a couple more for him
    JD- games not on mlbtv for me… hows niese curve? is it as good as advertised

  61. Jim: Oh yes … sweet. Drops off the table. A few more would be nice considering what happened in the first game.-JD

  62. im not sure what it looks like watching phillies games but whenever i see the mets play the nats or braves (last yr marlins), the opposing mnager seems to really want to steal a game from the mets. acta pulling starter after 3 this week, cox tonight after 2!

  63. Observation time!
    Niese threw that last fastball 89 mph, he started the game throwing 94 mph consistantly. I think its fair to say the kid is a bit tired.

  64. i think 94 is even a little high for him…adrenaline im sure
    89 with that curve… very nice

  65. Pinch-hitting for Niese. He was over 100. They weren’t going to let him come out for the ninth.-JD

  66. Let’s Go Mets!!!!!!!
    My Favorite player is the puertorican CARLOS BELTRAN#15CENTER FIELDER Let’s Go Beltran!!!!!!

  67. This is the Mets Staring Lineup