About Last Night ….

An hour-and-a-half isn’t that bad a wait before a game gets called, especially this late in the season. Nonetheless, there’s things teams do during rain delays that really hack me off.

First, there’s little communication, if any, about the weather and the possible length of the delay. Personally, I think after an hour you should be entitled to leave with a full refund.

Second, and this is really a pet peeve, is you should be entitled to a full parking refund. You paid to park to watch a game. You didn’t get the game. Since you wouldn’t have parked there without the promise of the game, you never would have been there.

It is shameful you don’t get your money back.

Last night’s tickets aren’t any good. You could attempt to trade them in, but there’s little availability. There probably won’t be much availability the rest of the season, either. Here’s where the Mets should step up and list a full account of what’s left and issuing refunds.

6 thoughts on “About Last Night ….

  1. It almost seems as though the Mets don’t believe Doppler radar. Everyone’s got it at home and/or on the TV and we all can see these storms coming now. Wouldn’t it be great if they would call the game before the deluge?

  2. To everyone:
    It states on the back of the ticket you are able to get a cash refund.
    Why the Mets give misinformation about this I have no idea.
    A Parking refund would be nice but at minimum they could give a parking credit for you next time you come.

  3. Agreed, it is totally shameful. But a delay of a few hours is nothing compared to the times when they delay the game four hours and then start playing a 11:00 or later. That happened to me and my family when I was young. Of course we got to see none of the game and got no compensation because the game was never called. My mom said she would never go to another game after that and 20 years later she has been good to her word. If they really cared about the fans they would not do stuff like this.

  4. The worst thing about rainouts at Shea is that they announce the postponement on WFAN or the Rain Delay Hotline ALWAYS at least 15-20 minutes before they announce it inside the stadium. We heard it on the hotline, and were not only already outside the stadium, but had walked from the third base side all the way past the Gate E ticket windows, before we heard the announcement being made. That was AT LEAST 15 minutes. The last rainout it was longer than that.

    our consolation for being ridiculously prepared was being on the first train out of dodge – and even then, the police were telling people to go to the express track and wait – even though it would be IMPOSSIBLE for them to run express back from flushing at 8:45 since they still run express from manhattan until 10pm.

    and they are issuing refunds. postponed due to weather, automatic refund if you want.