Your suggestions welcome

My name is on the blog, but it really belongs to you. In a previous post, I received a suggestion I’ll on how to make things easier to read. Thanks.

I am still learning the technical aspects of the blog, such as photos, links and blog rolls. There will be more art and audio. One of the things I was considering was a short podcast prior to Mets Chat Room. Kind of like a pre-game show.

If there is anything you’d like to see style, aesthetics and content wise please let me know. I’m learning on the fly and will try to get to everything eventually.

One other thing, Joe McDonald, who has put this together with me wants me to consider a New York Giants and Major League Baseball blogs (yes, it would include Yankee content). Your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “Your suggestions welcome

  1. As far as style, substance etc. – it’s your choice – whatever suits your writing. However, I think I’d stick with the old KISS method – “Keep It Simple Stupid” for ease in posting, reading etc. particularly during the chats. A larger font might make both posting and reading easier and quicker.

    As for multiple blogs – I believe it would get confusing going from one place to another for all of us. If you mean to make this blog inclusive of all NY sports – why not?

  2. I think it would be best to keep the site dedicated to Mets content, with links to the MLB “sister” site. It can be quite irritating when a troll enters and makes obnoxious, ridiculous & inaccurate posts, just for the sake of annoying another team’s fans. If all discussions were open to all teams, it would be much more time consuming to find the material you are interested in; plus it might also increase the likelihood of team related fighting, if you know what I mean.

  3. I too vote for keeping this Metsies only and linking to sister sites. I like the Mets only discussion.

    Welcome back JD :)

  4. Good luck with the venture. As a reader of Metsblog for a number of years, my biggest issue is the lack of editorial integrity in Matt Cerrone’s writing. As a real journalist, I hope you will at least take a quick look at what you are about to post. Nit-picky, but as an editor in a previous life, it gets to me every time!

  5. I appreciate much more professional blog, and as mentioned above style of short and sweet.

    As to placing other teams in: Please just keep this a mets site. Trying to incorporate other area teams into one place will get messy and turn people away.

    Best of Luck!

  6. Keep it basic. Short posts containing rumors, fun & little known facts, previews, links to Mets articles and other interesting tidbits. If you write any articles, set it up like Deadspin does…a post with a short blurb or the first paragraph as a lead in, then a link to click for the entire piece.

    Also, the posts just don’t really jump out too much. Just a thought but try using more contrasting colors than the light gray and white.

  7. John can write in complete sentences, without using … because he doesn’t understand the basic rules of grammar. C’mon, Cerrone, pick up Strunk & White, would it kill you?

  8. I’m all for a NY football Giants site, a seperate one from this with links to each other, not a combined site. The MLB site would be all trash talk.

  9. John,

    I think this is a pretty good site. It could use minor improvements, but you did a good job.

    As for other content, that is up to you. If you want to include other teams as a link here at this site that is fine. I prefer that you stick to the Mets as you can only spread yourself so far. Perhaps you have a baseball blog where you can comment on general baseball matters. This would allow you to comment on other issues without people complaining it is not the Mets.

    I would enjor your thoughts on the football giants or the knicks or any other sports teams if that is your wish. Personally I am more hopeful about this basketball season and hopefully the Giants have another good season.


  10. One more thought. If I were you I would do all you suggest. It will allow you to hone your voice for your future endeavors. Not everyone here wants to talk about other teams or other sports, but that should not limit you.

  11. A MLB blog or at least a once a week roundup of what is going on around baseball would be good. On Mets off days or during the post season it would be good to have some where to go to talk about baseball.
    My favorite baseball site for national news is Fox Sports.