Mets Chat Room: Santana opens series.

Jerry Manuel had his choice of either Johan Santana or Pedro Martinez to open tonight’s series against Atlanta. It was a no-brainer.

He’s the guy if you want to open a series,” Manuel said. “If you had a choice, you would choose, at this point in their careers, Johan.”

In a six-game winless stretch from June 6-July 4, the Mets gave Santana 11 runs. And, with the bullpen coughing up the lead in six of his games, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that with a little support he could be going after his 20th win tonight. His 2.70 ERA, not 13-7 record is indicative of how well he’s pitched.

Santana prevented the Mets from being swept by Philadelphia last Sunday, easily his most important victory of the season. That game is why they got him.

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  1. Kevin: They might, but it’s not real soon it seems.
    pvhornet05: Thanks. Glad to see you found us.-JD

  2. While we’re waiting, here’s a question: Could the Mets have turned it around eventually with Willie Randolph?-JD

  3. JD- no they couldnt have turned it around with randolph, but not because he was a “bad” manager. they needed a spark to light the fire and the firing of their manager was that spark. i personally dont think delgado’s recent surge has anythig to do with randolph or manuel, i just think he, as well as the rest of the team got a clean slate after randolph was fired.

  4. Hey John, you’re the man – the great ones are always persecuted. On a separate topic, is “Beer Money” the worst show of all time?

  5. That’s a tough question for the following reasons:

    a) Were Beltran and Delgado as divorced with the personality of Randolph as it sometimes seemed?
    b)Would players like Murphy/Evans/A. Reyes/Stokes etc ever have gotten any time over entrenched veterans?
    c)Would the psyche of the team ever get over the collapse that Randolph embodied if still surrounded by it?

    I honestly think not, I think that these rebounds we’ve had after devastating losses would have just lead prolonged lapses of hitting/pitching/defense or whatever it took on any given night to lose.

  6. Matt: The more I think about it, the more I’m in agreement with you. I picked them coming out of spring training, but thinking back that club was emotionally dead compared to what it is now.-JD

  7. They wouldn’t have turned it around if they kept Tom Nieto. the MLB package on the computer has gone downhill in quality (games drop off) and tonight is real bad.

  8. I think the problem is having is they just included both home and away broadcasts and are trying to work out the kinks. There was no sound when I tried to listen to the Mets pregame earlier.

  9. By the way, Ramon Castro was activated. Brian Schneider has a bad knee. How long they aren’t saying.-JD

  10. Matt B great to see you back, but i thought you were done with the mets ! :-) Anyhow as for turning it around under Randolph. I’m not sure one thing i see/like under Manuel is that he seems to be more concerned with winnings games and less concerned about being loyal to “his guys”. If that doesnt make sense I can try to explain further.

    JD: Am in florida so have no idea what the weather’s like what are the realistic chances of getting this in tonight?

  11. Kevin: Answering you questions from post #10:

    a) I don’t like to think Beltran and Delgado laid down for Randolph, but they did turn it around after he left.

    b) Randolph favored veterans, so maybe those young players wouldn’t have gotten a real chance.

    c) Very good point. While there’s time to blow this lead, I don’t think it will happen this time, even with the questions in the bullpen.-JD

  12. I once did a story on rain delays and what the players do to spend the time. Cards and music for the most part. … Not much eating because there’s the chance of playing again. … Some guys could be in the weight room. … Santana will probably spend some time on the exercise bike and maybe throw to stay loose.-JD

  13. I remember talking to Pedro Martinez about this, and he said long delays are dangerous because you have to fight loosing your concentration. The worst thing, he said, was to pack it in mentally and then start up again.-JD

  14. I was a big supporter of Willie.

    That said I am glad Jerry is our manager. One of the first things he did was challenge his players, not in a bad way but he did show them who was boss and there were consequences.

    Players who played well played, those who did not sat.

    Do you remember that he sat Delgado for a few games? Not one, but a few. He did not make a big deal about it publicly, but it was there.

    As Jerry himself said, he learned from the first time around. It allowed him to reflect and perhaps watch others who were in the place that he wanted to be and project how he would have done it and see what works and what doesn’t.

    The young players played because there was no choice. But he also is not in a hurry to play the vets if they are not producing.

  15. Its not so much that the young guys played. Its how they were used that makes the difference. Last year and early this year we saw young guys play (Milledge & Evans) to name two. But what we saw was them buried in the 8th spot in the lineup. This year weve consistenly seen Murphy, Evans, and Reyes hitting in the 2 hole or the 6 hole in murphy’s case recently. It puts them in a much better situation to succeed.

  16. Hey John, Glad to see you have your own blog. Well deserved, long time reader of the old one and plan on particpating with you on this one. GO METS!

  17. Hi John.
    Glad to see everything up and running.
    One question I have do you know if the skyline on top of the scoreboard is being saved. It is one of the few things I will miss.

  18. Thanks JD- glad I found you guys too.. ill keep this name for when I post here…so pedro and santana tomorrow? who do u think pitches game 1?

  19. Forget game 1 tomorrow the bigger question now becomes what do you do Tues & Wed in Washington. Tues you were going to have to use a #5 start anyhow let’s say Niese for arguement sake. But now with Johan being pushed back you either bring him back on short rest or you need another spot starter for Wed. The way Washington was hitting at shea that could be a recipe for a tough 2 games.

  20. screen on mlb mosaic shows 6 rainouts.

    I don’t think the team would have turned it around if they kept Randolph. But who could have foreseen so many heroes coming out of nowhere: Tatis, Easley, Murphy, Evans. If you had said in spring the Mets would be in first in mid September, I’d have thought it would be with significant help from Alou, Hernandez. Martinez and Church.

  21. Dan:

    Looks like this post by Adam Rubin answers both our questions.

    UPDATE: The Mets will use Johan Santana in Game 1 on Saturday and Jon Niese in Game 2. Oliver Perez goes Sunday and Pedro Martinez waits until Monday. The Mets didn’t want to use Martinez on Saturday, because then they’d need two starters in D.C. — on Tuesday and Wednesday. Niese originally would have gone Tuesday and Santana on Wednesday, but now Santana can’t go that day without being on short rest.