Do the Braves still matter?

The Braves are in town tonight to start a three-game series. I might be in the minority on this but I still believe the Braves to be relevant. Afterall, they do have a winning record against the Mets this season. Of course, that was when the season was young, but it would be a mistake to discount them or take them lightly.

Hell, the Mets were fortunate to hang on against the Nationals, and they are far worse than Atlanta.

David Wright said the other day that the Mets have been finding ways to win, “which is the mark of a championship team.” True enough. But, another mark is putting away teams with losing records. These are teams they must get to early and take away their will to win. If you let a team like that hang around and let it think it could win, that’s dangerous.

That’s what happened last September.

8 thoughts on “Do the Braves still matter?

  1. I noticed the Braves scoring allot of runs the past few nights against the Rockies who were playing decent baseball, so yes, it’s the braves, it matters. I hope what Carlos Beltran said the rest of the team will do and that is to play every team like they are a playoff contender.

  2. At this time of year, everything matters. Players are tired or may be a bit hurt, everyone remembers which team beat up on them or which player they simply cannot get out. Feuds which may have been petty during the regular season intensify now.

    Also the Mets fans play a part here – after last season it took them a long time to forgive the team and start cheering for them again. I’m sure that the players know this, and while they are glad to have fan support, they also know that the fans (like ‘Vivian’ in Pretty Woman) want it all, now.

    These next weeks are Must See Mets baseball.

  3. The Braves are still relevant in so far as it’s enjoyable to see that they’re finished as a franchise. They have lots of talent, of course, but they don’t have that magic anymore.

    The last time the Braves finished above 3rd place the Mets had Doug Mientkiewicz playing 1st base, Bradon Looper closing games, and Victor (Peterson will fix him in 10 minutes) Zambrano pitching every 5th day.

    The Braves and their one world series title are yesterday’s news. The Phillies have replaced them as the main rival. Partly because of the last two years and partly because Philly is closer and its fans actually care about baseball. Hard to have a rivalry with the Braves since their fans don’t even show up to playoff games.

  4. Site worked today for me JD! As for the Braves the key to victory is simply scoring more runs than them!! All kidding aside, we do need our offense to click because they can and probably will put up some runs. The key will be those later inning tack ons that have become the hot topic when we all became sick of blaming the bullpen for everything (ok so they happened to start pitching better).

    Maybe we can get by tonight with only 2 or 3 runs (although I think Johan could be due for a poor outing) but the next two games I bet we need at least 6 per in order to win. Stay tuned…….

  5. JD a suggestion….Any way to make the Name and Time line above our comment bold or italicized? Just think it could be easier on the eyes that way. Thanks!

  6. Having watched alot of Braves games this year (Thanks MLB.TV MOSAIC!) I can say that the Braves are NOT relevant. Sorry.
    They’re a horrible ballclub. Mike Hampton, Jo-Jo Reyes and Jorge Campillo along with thier HORRIBLE bullpen (including Jorge Julio) is nothing to be remotely concerned about. Treat them like you’d treat the other horrible teams like the Giants, Pirates, and Nationals.

    It’s not 1999 anymore guys… sorry. Keep it real.

  7. Disagree Benny. You have ttreat every major league team as if they were good. Take them lightly and they will pounce. They are professionals and will show their pride even when they are out of it if you give them the chance.