Attitude seems right ….

Seventeen games remain on the Mets’ schedule. Yes, we’re at the same point when they started to make history last year. Up seven games with 17 remaining, the Mets went into a free fall and kicked away the National League East, losing on the season’s final day when Tom Glavine couldn’t get out of the first inning.

“I don’t think anybody is thinking about last year,’’ David Wright said. “When you go through what we went through last year you learn from it.’’

 The Mets’ pitching makes them vulnerable, but they don’t seem to fall into those funks where they lose focus and go through the motions as they did last September.

 “We think we are as good as anybody,” Carlos Delgado said. “We think we are the team to beat. We think what happened last year is not going to happen again, and we’re very confident that we can get this done. It’s definitely a different atmosphere here, a different feeling than it was last year.”

Are you buying or selling what they are saying?

14 thoughts on “Attitude seems right ….

  1. Let’s get it started with a win tonight. 4 games (in the loss column) with 16 to play sounds SO much better than the 7/17 for whatever reason. Like Jerry said, Johan DOES need to set the tone of this series, although no matter the tone, with Pedro on the mound tomorrow, what will be the “tone” for Sunday’s game? After his last start, is it safe to say coin-flip is back JD?

  2. Thanks for acknowledging my suggestion JD! While we are at it I have one more…This is a bit picky but I think the links to the next and previous posts should be above the spot to leave comments. Just being picky but I think it would flow a bit better.

    As for tonight, this is one of those must wins in my opinion from strictly a psychological point of view. Everyone knows the story from last year, and psychologically this team could relax a bit if they win tonight.

  3. I wouldn’t say they can relax, when Pelfrey admitted to not being “mentally” in the game Wednesday night. I don’t mind if his body is tired or he just doesn’t have it one night, but to openly admit you weren’t mentally into one of the biggest starts of your life is something I don’t want to hear.

    JD.. suggestion, you should look into the various web engine searches in relation to “delcos blog” and have them return this page. I’m not a big fan of bookmarks and always found your old blog by going to Mozilla’s google search bubble and typing “delcos blog.” This same search still returns the Journal News new blog as the first returned website. You may want to ask them to remove your name with affiliation to their blog via search engine searches.

  4. Aaron Sele’s Dad: Will your son come out of retirement to relieve Aaron Heilman of his duties? Please?

  5. Im only buying because I’ve seen this team have 3 or 4 this is the beginning of the ened type losses. Hell they even had a whole weekend of it in Houston. However, each time they’ve taken their supposed KO punch and gotten right back up to reel off some wins. Maybe I’m overly opptimistic but I just dont feel like this team will go into a tailspin especially against the level of competition they will be facing the next two weeks.

  6. Lets Go Mets Go.

    There’s nothing else left to say. except watch the game and yell and scream until they’ve won!

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  8. I think it’s safe to say JD has more fans of his blog than Elijah Dukes has children, you know you’ve got quite the fanbase!

  9. I believe this team is not the team from a year ago. Last year they slept for 2 1/2 months. They didn’t seem to care. They could not get up for a game. They stunk the last month. I remember I said at the beginning of September 07 that they would lose. Not that I wished them bad luck, but that is the way they were playing.

    This team is so different. They care. They are not the best team in the world, but they keep trying and in the end that is all you can ask for.

    This division is like last year – weak. We can win it if we want it more than they do.