3 thoughts on “Your first Shea memory

  1. My first memory at Shea was going to my first game back in 1985 around the time Hurricane Gloria hit NY.

    My memory is a bit foggy, but I remember Dwight Gooden pitching and almost getting hit by a Lenny Dykstra foul ball. The Mets won that game, and I have had nothing but bad luck seeing Mets wins while at Shea ever since.

  2. In the mid 1960s, you could get upper deck general admission seats by collecting the side panels from Borden’s Milk cartons — 10 panels equaled one ticket (which probably cost all of 75 cents anyway). But to get four or five tickets, that meant you’d have to drink a LOT of milk. My father (I was 10 or 11 at the time) would clip three or four legitimate panels and use the other panels of the carton as filler, then wrap a rubber band around the whole package. The ticket takers never checked, and we’d get our nosebleed seats without having to drink 40 quarts of milk.