Mets Chat Room: Putting away the Nats Edition.

How many times must it be said? The Washington Nationals trail the Mets by 25 1/2 games in the NL East. There’s a reason for that. They aren’t good. The Mets had their hands full last night because Oliver Perez couldn’t put them away.

The Mets can’t count on two homers from Carlos Delgado and ten runs every night. This division will be won by pitching and Mike Pelfrey is the story tonight. Then again, that’s not a bulletin.

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  1. For those just tuning in, the Marlins have runners on the corners with one out in the eighth inning with the score 3-3.-JD

  2. It’s 4-3 Florida in the eighth. Paul Lo Duca grounded into a DP with the bases loaded to end the inning.-JD

  3. I was watching on gamecast. For anyone who is actually watching, did the fan interference prevent another runner from scoring on the ground rule double?

  4. Good news from Philly as the Marlins rallied in the ninth to ake a 7-3 lead and have the Phillies down to their last two outs.

  5. The answer is “Luis Ayala.”

    The question is “What would Aaron Heilman look like if he had the stones to be a closer.”

  6. Hello all. Let’s hope the mets can take advantage of some help from the marlins. Hopefully Pelf can continue his great work on the mound.

  7. Tiffany: For the past two years the Mets resisted trading Aaron Heilman. I think they’ll do it this winter.-JD

  8. JD, Tiffany: The Mets would be wise to keep Heilman off the post-season roster, if we make it.

  9. I’m sure there will be some teams willing to take a gamble on making Heilman a starter. Even with what’s gone on with Pedro and possibly losing Perez, I don’t see them giving him a chance.-JD

  10. Is reliever Al Reyes ever gonna get a chance to pitch? I really hope so, because if he does well, he could replace Heilman on a post-season roster.

  11. Gil: No doubt he’ll be on the postseason roster. I just wouldn’t make any bets on him being on the Opening Day roster.-JD

  12. Gil: Just two posts ago you said he should be on the playoff roster. Now you’re talking Reyes. Pick a side.-JD

  13. John: No, no, no. I DON’T want Heillman on the post-season roster. I’d like to see what Al Reyes can do and then replace Heilman.

  14. David lennon reported the Mets weren’t happy with how Reyes looked in AA but the season ran out, he might only be insurance in case Allie blows up

  15. Heilman serves absolutely no purpose for the Mets anymore except to be a garbage time reliever in a lopsided game — and frankly, almost any pitcher can do that.
    It certainly says something about how much Heilman’s stock has dropped when the last two games have een close and Heilman wasn’t used.
    Why waste a playoff roster spot on him?

  16. ed: Thanks for the tip. Can you post a link to that story? Somehow I must’ve missed it.

  17. There was a rule change this year if you were on the 40 man as of Aug. 31st even if you werent on the active roster your eligible – the mets have 18 relievers to pick from

  18. There’s too many Reyes’. Heilmann must go but I think his value is about zero right now. He’s been buried, he earned it. But I think if his value is indeed zero, I’d give him a chance to compete for the 5th starter next year and if he doesn’t make it, DFA…. Then he’ll go to SD and pitch good.

  19. Gil

    DL was responding to a question in the comments section of a post it would take a while to find, I can’t rem. what the post was

  20. 07- they stopped holding you to numbers for position players and pitchers

    08- you make your playoff roster from the 40 man

    K-Rod clause said you could use a player from organization but not on the roster as long as he was with the org. on Aug. 31 and was replacing a player put on the 60 DL

  21. Ed: The Mets are their playoffs. Manny really wants to beat them. And, the Nats play hard for them.-JD

  22. Jerry Manuel said before the game that Ramon Castro won’t be back soon and Schneider will get a bulk of the playing time.-JD

  23. guys-
    gotta run for awhile

    I’ll post those comments later on Reyes at my site

    I give you a post as well, glad to have found you…

  24. For those scoreboard watching, Tampa Bay leads the Red Sox, 1-0, in the third. The Rays are my favorite story of the season. I love what they are doing.-JD

  25. The Rays have like a 7.5 game lead for wild card. Unless they pull an 07 Mets there ain’t much to watch. But the Angels, clinching on Sept 10 is amazing.

  26. I wanted to mention this earlier, but didn’t This was the last chance for the Mets to get Pelf some rest before the stretch run. They could of started someone else and gave pelf 2 extra days rest, gearing him up for the final stretch, with no off-days.

  27. Reyes with the Mets all-time sb’s and triples lead this year. It won’t be too long before he hold most of the mets records including hits, runs, and doubles

  28. Mookie was one of my all time Met faves. When I went to Dream Week I wore #1 for Mookie. Of course I couldn’t play like Mookie.

  29. Frozen Rope: I spoke with Reyes before the game and he said the stat he wants most to improve is walks. He said he’d like to walk 80 times a year (he has 58 now), and if he could do that it would spike all the other numbers.-JD

  30. If Mets don’t win Sunday night, what happens this week? Thanks to Carlos Delgado, whom almost all Mets fans wanted out of here, we’ll never have to find out.
    And thanks to Ayala for sucking all year so he was merely a dump.

  31. Time to keep pouring it on. Squash those Gnats. It’s football time in DC anyways although the Redskins will probably be just as bad.

  32. This is exactly what the Mets need. If they can blow the game open they can pull Pelfrey earlier and give him some of the rest Roger was talking about.-JD

  33. If you had written a script for this season back in March, could you ever imagine Ayala and Stokes playing such key roles in September? That’s what makes baseball so interesting.

  34. As long as they maintain this lead, I’d like to get Pelfrey out of there after 5-6 innings tonight. Give him some rest….he’s not totally sharp tonight anyway. Too many fly balls. He’s more successful when they are hitting it on the ground.

  35. Tiffany: My March script would also not have included what Pelfrey, Delgado and Tatis have done, either.-JD

  36. I’d love to see Reyes get his walk total up to 80 per year especially if it means his obp will hit .380+

    That being said, I happy with his production now. Any improvement is icing on the cake. And I’m sure there will be some as 28 years old is usually hitting you prime and he’s not there yet.

  37. Dukes is a punk. That was a nothing pitch. They should throw him out of the game now. If not, he’ll start something later. This guy isn’t a ballplayer if he thinks that was a purpose pitch.-JD

  38. Pelfrey has to put this distraction behind him. I can see a veteran doing something to break Pelfrey’s concentration, but I don’t think Dukes is that smart.-JD

  39. Dukes oughta be dealing with his domestic violence issues instead of worrying about whether pitchers are throwing at him.
    And JD’s right — Dukes will do something later, like a hard slide into someone or charging the mound later…

  40. He’s a time bomb waiting to go off. He just gave an obscene gesture to the fans when he went into the dugout. The Washington writers say he and Milledge are running mates. That’s too bad.-JD

  41. The umpire really screwed up. What was there to warn? Even the DC bench was laughing it was such a joke routine. Did the ump really think the ball was aimed at Dukes? It was barely inside.

  42. Harry: Yeah, that was horrible. The ump should have told Dukes to shut up and play ball or toss him. Inexcusable letting a player disrupt a game like that.-JD

  43. Come on JD, that ain’t right.
    Fastball in the ear could seriously hurt him.
    Drill him in the ass and call it even.

  44. Gil: That boat sailed a long time ago. There are other forms of discipline, but it won’t happen. He’s lucky he’s a ballplayer. With that attitude and temper, he’d be in jail if he weren’t.-JD

  45. I’ll tell you one thing. Dukes wouldn’t have pulled that crap if Pedro were pitching. Martinez wouldn’t be afraid to nail him. Hell, if he is willing to plunk Babe Ruth in the ass, then Dukes would be nothing.-JD

  46. First, Cody Ross. Now, Dukes. I don’t think it’s a bad thing for Pelfrey to get this reputation among opposing hitters.

  47. Of greater concern, why is that another moron, the Marlins’ Cody Ross also wanted to go after Pelfrey?
    The Marlins are another team of hotheads, with Mr. DWI himself, Scott Olsen.

  48. Tiffany: But, are we talking of hitters of any quality, or at least with a reputation of emotional stability?-JD

  49. Gil,

    Dont forget Olsen got into two altercations with different teammates. Cabrera in the dugout against the mets. And he had another with Randy Messenger where Olsen had a nice little black eye.

  50. Does it really matter? The important thing is placing the thought in the heads of _all_ opposing hitters. And I think Pelfrey is effectively doing that — and at a fairly young age, to boot.

  51. David: Ah, forgot about those dust-ups. Pelfrey, though, is not long for this game…

  52. So much for the rest we were talking about with Pelfrey. He’s at 95 pitches and he’s coughed up the lead. … And, for those keeping track of such things, Dukes just stuck his tongue out at the fans when he went back to the dugout.-JD

  53. Hopefully its just a couple bad starts and nothing more but Pelfrey and Ollie back to back tough outings. I agree with Darling you need to get Pelf out of there.

  54. Is Dukes related to the great Jimmy Pearsall? Lets see, he goes nuts on a pitch that was almost a strike and just walks quietly to first when he’s hit. Was he mad he wasn’t hit the previous at bat?

  55. Here’s an all-time hothead pitching staff:

    *Randy Johnson
    *Roger Clemens
    *Rob Dibble
    *Joaquin Andujar
    *Scott Olsen
    *Kevin Brown
    *Mike Hampton
    *Dennis Cook
    *Julian Tavarez
    *Francisco Cordero
    *Armando Benitez

  56. Any list missing Juan Marichal is a very incomplete list. You could also add Brett Meyers but he only gets tough with his wife so I guess he doesn’t count.

  57. Way to go, Heilman.
    Is there ANY reason, ANY %$#$@#$%#$&*^ reason at all why his sorry *&^%^$%#$%$#$ @$$ should still be on this &^%%$# team???!!!

  58. Pedro Borbon of the 1973 Reds got involved with the teams fight in the 1973 NLCS (Pete Rose slid in hard against Bud Harrelson). Borbon ended up wearing a Mets hat, found out and bit it.

    The only why Heilmann should be on the post season roster is if Manuel deliberately wants to lose a game like Joe Torre did with Jeff Weaver in 2003.

  59. Forget my earlier comments about Heilmann. He cannot be in NY next year in any role. Trade him for a player to be named later with one stipulation; that the payer named not be Heilmann.

  60. I really have to ask what more does it &*^%$#$ take for the Mets to see that Aaron Heilman is absolutely &*(*&*^ worthless as a pitcher?
    He has now given up more homers with men on base in one year than ANY other reliever in Mets history.
    Months ago I was saying to send his @$$ to AAA. MONTHS AGO!

  61. Harry: Yeah, maybe we can get a soggy roll of toilet paper and a discarded half-eaten donut for Heilman.
    What team would be stupid enough to trade another player’s services for him?

  62. We can blame Bats-in-the-Pelfrey and Homerman all we want but the Mets offense has gone cold against Speigner, Mocks and Hinckley.

    Heilman was a first round draft pick and terrific in 2006. There are plenty of stupid GMs around always figuring give a guy like that a chance. Plenty of mediocre pitchers-Dave Stormy Weathers still has a job, for crying out loud.

  63. JD- Carlos would make a great story from bum to hero you should look into it…

    I heard on the WFAN today willie went to platton him and he said I’ll be here after you…

  64. The Nats are playing like that old KRS-ONE song: “Self-destruction/Headed for self-sdestruction…”

  65. Alex: You seem to have uncommon faith in the pen. Then again, Heilman is already out of the game.-JD

  66. yes, i suppose even a 4 run lead isn’t enough to feel comfortable.

    however, i have been very impressed with stokes, and if ayala has a 4 run cushion i think he’ll be able to finish it out.

  67. Joe Smith might become the latter day Roger McDowell of ’86, picking up a ton of wins in relief.

  68. Stokes has ben great, but he better start throwing strikes and getting outs…and soon.

  69. Yeah, but perhaps that Dukes incident riled them up a little, a la the one Reyes had last September with the otherwise-sleeping Marlins…

  70. yeah, looked like the increased workload started to catch up with him…hopefully the off day tomorrow will help.

  71. you know im sure im alone in this. But the nats deserve credit. Sure a walk here or there may have put some guys on but they are getting big hit after big hit and for a team with nothing to play for thats very impressive.

  72. When I spoke with Reyes he said offensively he needs to get better with two strikes. Both strikeouts tonight have been on pitches out of the strikezone.-JD

  73. I mean seriously, not to go Tim McCarver here, but if the nats played their outfield at a reasonable depth, they would probably be winning 10 to 6 or 7 right now.

  74. Another thing i dont really buy the Dukes getting the team riled up. The Nats put up 7 last night and 7 & 8 the two games before that. They’ve simply been hitting the ball well lately.

  75. D-Wright is coming out of his funk right on time.
    Davd: Give the Nats credit, yes, but give the Mets more. They’re determined not to lose.

  76. Great hit by David there…

    The adjustment that Wright made with Hojo, that the guys in the booth aren’t talking about, is a simple change of the approach to the ball..

    When Wright first came up he pivoted with his front foot.. however, after the HRD, he developed that leg kick, which made him more prone to pulling off, and more prone to slump.

    Wright has changed back to pivoting with his right foot, and with the results these 2 games, it seems to be working.

  77. Gil: Definitely the mets are fighting like we didnt see last year. I just think sometimes we focus on the mets mistakes that we fail to give the opponents credit.

  78. well ayala held up his end of the bargain. even if it wasn’t pretty still a good win for the mets to give them their biggest lead over the phils all season.

    and wow, dukes really has some emotional problems that he needs to deal with. he appears to be a very troubled young man.


    -Aaron Heilman said he has tendinitis in his left knee since spring training. He said there’s been a handful of games in which it hampered him, but nothing that would keep him from pitching.

    -Mike Pelfrey: “I was missing with everything. It’s tough to pitch when you don’t have good command.”

    -David Wright: “The way we continue to fight and continue to add on, it’s what championship teams are made of. … We’ve been able to win in a variety of ways.”

    -Neither Pelfrey or Jerry Manuel said the incident with Dukes caused Pelfrey to lose focus. “I wasn’t trying to hit him,” Pelfrey said. “I was going inside on him.”

  80. But the tendinitis will keep Heilman from pitching well. But another game padded to our lead so it’s a great day

  81. the way he is pitching, I can’t see Heilman on a post-season roster….if they make it that far!