About Last Night …. It wasn’t last year.

A show of hands please … how many thought of last season when Oliver Perez morphed back into the “Bad Ollie,” last night?

Yup. Me too. Only they didn’t lose. Carlos Delgado wouldn’t let them. That Perez pitched lousy isn’t a good sign … that they didn’t unravel was a definite positive.

I also liked that David Wright and Jose Reyes showed signs of offensive life.

I’ll talk with you throughout the day.

3 thoughts on “About Last Night …. It wasn’t last year.

  1. Actually, I mind flashed back to earlier this season when the Bad Ollie would return against the “lower” echelon competition. I was waiting for “The Jacket” to come out of the dugout and place his hand on Ollie’s shoulder.
    Fortunately, things did not get to far out of hand, even with the Nats constantly sending hits up the middle.
    But the difference between this team now and earlier this season and last is that this team fights back.

  2. I find it to coincidental that as soon as Willie was fired Delgado turned to his old form like he was in 2006. It’s obvious that Delgado is the leader of this team. When the leader of the team loses confidence in his manager the manager loses his team. That’s what it looks like happened to me. I think this started happening last year between Delgado and Willie.