Mets Chat Room: Delgado picks up Perez.

Mets manager Jerry Manuel said Oliver Perez has pitched so well lately that he’ll let this one slide. He can afford to because Carlos Delgado is playing up to the MVP chants.

It wasn’t a good night for Perez, but Delgado hit two more homers and has 24 in his last 66 games to lead the majors.

For awhile tonight it appeared as if Perez would kick this one away, but Delgado’s two homers and one by Carlos Beltran carried the Mets to a 10-8 victory over the Nationals to increase their lead over Philly to 2 1/2 games.

Kudos also to the bullpen. It has been hot in September, but tell the truth, aren’t you holding your breath?

For those who were with me tonight, many thanks. The Room is open all night.-JD

94 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Delgado picks up Perez.

  1. John, I’ve been wondering.. what’s the insurance policy in the MLB regarded contracts?

    is it up to 5 years the team is insured for 75% of the contract if the player is hurt and doesn’t play?

  2. Billy Wagner before the game: “I will live and die with every pitch. … If I could be out there, I would.”-JD

  3. Roger: I’m not sure if I’m answering this correctly, but Wagner’s contract is guaranteed so he’ll get every penny. The Mets took out a policy when they signed Wagner, but I’m not sure of the percentage. I will have to check.-JD

  4. On how many hops do you all think Shawn Green would’ve played that flare that Ryan Church just caught?

  5. I don’t know about any of you, but I had a flashback to Atlanta on that slide by Church at second. … BTW: I made a post earlier today asking for your first Shea memory. Please go there and share your memories.-JD

  6. Will do.
    A thought: Sure would be interesting if Nelson Figueroa pitches in this series and faces head Nationals cheerleader, Elijah Dukes, wouldn’t it?

  7. Mets hitters appear VERY over anxious against Lannan. It’s like ther’re going up there trying to kill every pitch.

  8. Omar has taken some heat this year, but he should get credit for adding Tatis. There’s been three or four games I can think of where Tatis made the difference. He’s another who should be brought back next season.-JD

  9. Cool!
    Marlins are crushing the Phillies, 7-1.
    Let’s hope the Marlins bullpen doesn’t meltdown…

  10. Lets make that 7-1 Fish. And yes to JD’s point some of Omar’s smaller moves have paid off. Tatis, Stokes and even Ayala lately.

  11. O, I know Wagner is getting every penny, I was just wondering how much of it will be paid by insurance, and how much of that the Mets will actually have to pay.

    that good help in the free agent market.

  12. Wow in 1 AB Anderson Hernandez produced more offensively for the nats then he did in 2 years with the mets.

  13. David: Not so fast…Anderson hit his first MLB HR at Shea in ’06, the day after the Mets clinched the NL East.
    I was there — and almost fainted.

  14. Personally anything Church does is icing on the cake its just great to see him back and playing.

  15. There was no reason to send Wright with Delgado coming up and only one out. Bad decision.-JD

  16. Wow hottest hitter in baseball coming up and you run into an out like that. Agauyo or however the hell you spell it strikes again.

  17. i wonder what the fans in philly will say when they change the score on the out-field wall and see that its 5-2 mets.

  18. I don’t know what’s more incredible…
    Delgado’s blast, or the fact that before Chruch and Delgado went deep, my wife called it both times!

  19. its games like these that make you think this team has some post-season potential. of course its only the 4th inning but still…earlier this year a baserunning mistake would have taken the wind out of their sails and the inning would have been over

  20. JD: You were in the Mets locker room when Willie was in charge, so you might know the deal on this: Did Delgado and Willie really not get along?
    They seemed fine in ’06.
    If they didn’t get along, why not?
    Was it a clash of personalities, or something else?
    Not saying Delgado plays harder for Jerry, but what a difference.

  21. agee: Good point. Then again, it’s things like Perez walking the leadoff hitter after being given a lead that drive you nuts.-JD

  22. JD, David: My wife says: 3, 17, 47, 51, 9, 27. But she adds that if either of you two win, she wants a 15 percent cut.

  23. The good news is that the marlins are winning 9-1. The bad news is all of a sudden the nationals are a good hitting team.

  24. This reminds me of September last year. The mets would score runs and the nationals would answer. It went back and fourth until the nationals won the game.

  25. Gil: Delgado denies it, and, in fact gets testy when asked about it. There were whispers about it, but both of them insist they got along fine. Willie did say he wanted Reyes to tone down the celebrating with after homers in the dugout. He was celebrating with Delgado.-JD

  26. How DUMB was that, not cutting off Beltran’s throw, that has now allowed Guzman to go to 3rd??!!

  27. Just for anyone who wants more great news. Looks like something happened to the Marlins starting pitcher because he’s out after 3. Some clown came in and its now 9-4. Something to keep an eye on.

  28. Perez let the Mets down tonight, win or lose. You’ve got to handle the last place team, especially with your rivals getting waxed.-JD

  29. I wonder if the Nats should walk Church to get to D-Wright.
    Just kidding.
    But you have to admire Manny Acta, who’s managing his Nats as if their season, not the Mets’ is on the line.

  30. We like to bash them so lets give them some credit they came right back here to tie this thing up. The pitching has got to step up.

  31. JD,
    I’m trying reel hard to believe met players when they make the statement that this is a different team this year but I still don’t believe it. I guess I will believe it when they win the division title.

  32. Brandon Knight is killing me.
    Walking the leadoff man is inexcusable.

  33. I would like to see a little more out of Marlon Anderson than predictions as to the number of wins it will take to win the division.-JD

  34. I’m not sure the Mets will want to play the Marlins in the final weekend series. Cubs and Marlins. Yeah, that’s going to be tough.-JD

  35. Wow.
    Now it’s raining at Shea.
    How many more bizarre turns is this game going to take?

  36. How about the Mets scoring a couple of runs and the bullpen holding the lead? How bizarre would that be?-JD

  37. The Marlins are about to blow it in Philly. They’re up 10-8 but the Phillies have runners on the corners with only one out.

  38. JD: Exactly.
    While I admit I was totally wrong in skewering Mike Pelfrey early in the season, I’m proud that I never gave up on Delgado.

  39. Although I disapprove of his new Giambiesque ‘stache, Schoeneweis did a helluva job. What a difference a year makes for him.

  40. Maybe this met team is a different team from last year. This game tonight they would have lost last year.

  41. Tomg,

    I was going to post the same thing. Last year this most definitely would of been a lost. I wont get too giddy about beating a last place team. But noone expected them to come back tonigt. Big win especially if Florida holds on.

  42. tomg: You got that right. But, there’s still a lot way to go. That stretch with the Cubs and Marlins could be brutal.-JD

  43. JD,
    I agree, the Mets need to be up by 4 games going into the series with the cubs or they could be in trouble. Another thing to think about is the brewers. Hopefully they keep sliding and that could open the door for the wildcard for either the Pillies or the Mets.

  44. tomg: Yes. I’d be concerned about Milwaukee, too. There’s too much talent there for them to just fade away. Mets are lucky they caught them when they did.-JD

  45. Well one good thing about worrying about the Phillies and the Brewers is they will beat each other up this weekend.

  46. I don’t think any team will be a slam dunk the rest of the way. My hope is that the Mets approach each game from here on out as if they were playing a playoff team.

  47. Sorry I missed last night. Just got done watching. All I can say is if 2006 Ryan Howard won MVP by hitting lots of HRS in games without too much meaning, then Carlos Delgado should be unanimous MVP. He lifted a team on his back and said Let’s go. I’ve seen guys carry a team for 2 weeks, maybe a month, but he’s done it for 2 and a half months now. This is an incredible run on his part.