Burgos not the answer

For those thinking Ambiorix Burgos could be the closer next year in place of Billy Wagner, I’d guess again. He was reportedly arrested this morning for beating up his girlfriend at a hotel near Shea Stadium.

He is to be arraigned today in Queens on assault and harassment charges.

Stuff like this infuriates Fred Wilpon and I can see the Mets figuring out ways to get rid of Burgos.

8 thoughts on “Burgos not the answer

  1. Athletes get publicity for doing it. It happens every day and every night. It just doesn’t get attention when the regular guy does it.
    And Burgos wasn’t the answer before he got violent.

  2. Harry: Omar liked him because he could throw 95. I imagine there are a lot of guys who threw 95 who did nothing in the majors.-JD

  3. I keep reading stories about how “stuff like this” pisses off the Wilpons. Um, shouldn’t cowards beating the shit out of the women in their lives piss off EVERYONE?

  4. Caryn: You are absolutely correct. Very poor phrasing on my part. Please accept my apologies.-JD

  5. thanks for the apology, john. you’re not the only one who’s using this phraseology, though – everyone is to some extent. sigh.

    you are probably the only one who will apologize, and publicly.

  6. I think his point was just that other organizations are more likely to overlook this kind of thing than the Wilpons are.

  7. I meant to respond to this post yesterday, but didn’t have the chance. This morning I woke up to this story in the New Haven Register:

    “Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:52 AM EDT
    By William Kaempffer, Register Staff

    NEW HAVEN — A city police sergeant was killed and a patrol officer critically injured late Tuesday after their cruisers collided while responding to an emergency call.

    Sgt. Dario Aponte died in the crash and Patrol Officer Diane Gonzalez was injured.

    While en route to a domestic violence call in Fair Haven at about 11:30 p.m., the patrol cars collided at Chapel and East streets. Both cruisers were said to have had lights and sirens activated at the time of the crash.”

    Domestic violence toward women is taking place all over the country in record numbers and in every state. It is not just the athletes like Ambiorix Burgos who think that they can get away with it. If Fred Wilpon – and other MLB owners- are infuriated at stuff like this, they need to educate their players and stop protecting those who are abusive to women, children and animals.

    Professional sports organizations go out of their way to protect their meal ticket athletes, but local police departments don’t.

    Thanks goodness for that.

    Sgt.Aponte leaves four small children.