Three weeks from today ….

Three weeks from today the Mets will either be cleaning out their lockers at Shea or working out in preparation for the Division Series. I’m still thinking it will be the latter.

But, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t think there wasn’t anything to worry about with this team. It was imperative they win last night and they did, with Johan Santana pitching one of his most important games as a Met. Maybe themost important.

Here’s what I see as the most important issues down the stretch.

1. Coping with last season. Last night was a start, but don’t forget the collapse including stretches of bad ball against teams with losing records. They can’t afford to let up against teams with losing records, such as Washington and Atlanta. I’m not convinced they have the killer instinct. This week should tell a lot.

2. The starting pitching is three deep with Santana, Mike Pelfrey and Oliver Perez. Pedro Martinez can’t be relied on for more than five innings, and lately they haven’t been a good five innings.

3. The bullpen has been suspect all season. Having something definitive on Billy Wagner might help Jerry Manuel define roles, but how can they be better off without their best reliever?

4. Hitting with runners in scoring position has also been an issue. Last night was tougher than it needed to be. With pitching issues, more runs are always needed. David Wright, in particular, has been in a funk.

3 thoughts on “Three weeks from today ….

  1. We brought K cards last night. While we didn’t hang up as many as we would have liked, we still hung up enough.

    David and Jose were terrible yesterday.

    And with the cupcake series this week, they need to keep the pressure on.

  2. So Billy Wagner has probably thrown his last pitch as a Met. While he was our closer he was a very rotten team mate. He blew a lot of saves, couldn’t pitch a 4 or more out save, couldn’t come in with runners on base. He was however, excellent at burning his team mates to the press. The Mets if you haven’t noticed have played incredible ball since this Wagner went down. He has never produced in the clutch whether it be Houston, Philly or NYC. So I don’t see how this Wagner will be missed by this team now.

  3. JD,

    I think you are right on everything but point number one. I don’t think the team is hung up on last year. At least I hope not.

    Jerry did a good job in challenging his players – esp Delgado – when he started. I think he sent the right message and it was a wake up call. I don’t understand how Delgado can be bad to mediocre for a year and a half and then be all world for over a month. I think he was distracted by injury last year and his manager did not hit him in the back of the head like he should have.

    Yes. This team has 3 pitchers which the way they are going should be enough for the rest of the season. The pen stinks and losing Billy is a *major* loss.

    Our closers by committee may skate by now, but will get killed when it is for real.