Mets Chat Room, Game #1: What’s up with Pedro?

Mets vs. Phillies. Game two of three. Winning both would be great. Winning one is essential.

Pedro Martinez is going in the first game, and I’m concerned about him. He downplays velocity, but let’s face it, he’s not throwing exceptionally hard. Sooner or later, it has to be on his mind. Definitely, it has to be an issue.

With three weeks remaining, Martinez’s spot in the rotation will come up at least four more times, and the Mets aren’t in position to throw away four starts.

I really want to see what he has today.

72 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room, Game #1: What’s up with Pedro?

  1. Billy Wagner will throw a bullpen session today, and barring a setback, will throw a simulated game this week. They are thinking Friday when he could be activated.-JD

  2. What’s up, JD??!
    Good to be back chatting with you.
    And what a nice site you have!
    Way to go with the Pizza Hut ad, too.

  3. Great first inning for Martinez. Smooth. Only ten pitches. When I covered the Yankees and they played Boston, their approach was to make Martinez run up his pitch count. I expect to see the Phillies try that philosophy also.-JD

  4. I just posted a link to your site on lohud’s in-game chat…hope it won’t be taken down and that people see it.

  5. I knew pitching to Ruiz would backfire.
    Dumb decision that cost us an extra run.
    The way Moyer looked in the first, doesn’t look like we’ll get many — if any — runs off him today.

  6. hey guys. gil- i got your message on the lohud, havent talked about the mets with anyone for a while now. looks like we’d better win one of these games today!

  7. Agee: Precisely why it made absolutely NO sense to pitch to Carlos Ruiz with a base open, a man on third and the pitcher due up next.

  8. ChiliGTC: Junkballers and guys they haven’t seen before always seem go get to them. They seem like they get over anxious. I did like the bunt. Anything to get a runner.-JD

  9. Chili:
    If there’s any one thing Rick Peterson said about pitching I agree with it’s this: “Velcoity will earn you a lot of stuffed animals at the County Fair, but it doesn’t automatically mean getting big league hitters out.”
    Look how Moyer just got Mets hitters out:
    1)Throwing off-speed pitches in locations where hitters can’t do much damage to them
    2)Correctly positioning infielders and outfielders to play hitters to pull because…
    3)When hitters fianlly get something off-speed and hittable, they’re often way ahead of pitches and severely pull them or foul them off.
    When the Mets ripped Moyer for seven runs the last time, it was more an exception than the rule.

  10. Beltran didn’t get a good jump on that ball. That’s two plays Met outfielders haven’t made today. Tatis missed the other. If you’re not scoring any runs, you have to play better defense.-JD

  11. Annie savoy,
    No of course not but this team has basically the same cast of characters the past three years and seem to choke when it comes down to crunch time.

  12. Hey Ray,
    actually I’m not even watching the met game. I am watching the Jets. Today is the start of football season for me.

  13. Why is it for the last two years the Mets act as if they’ve chosen key September series against the Phillies to play thier worst baseball?

  14. Tomg – OK, I’ll give you the same cast of characters, but they do have a new Director – and he’s changed some of their roles.

  15. Annie Savoy,
    Yes Manuel has done a good job straightening out the ship. I’ve seen the same trend with this team for three years now and I don’t have much faith that this team could do something special.

  16. Chalk up a loss.
    What a choke.
    Two misplayed fly balls and a dumb decision to pitch to a No. 8 hitter with two outs a man on third with the pitcher up next lead to two runs, Pedro on an extra day of rest can’t get a fastball past Greg Dobbs and D-Wright once again does NOTHING with two outs and a man in scoring position.
    Funny, earlier, there was an ad on SNY of a New York woman lamenting getting dumped on by a pigeon.
    It’s exactly what the Phillies have been doing to us the last two years.

  17. The difference this year is we have a real stopper. Santana needs to come up big tonight.

  18. Yes tom its time to give up. the mets have lost one in a row and now they might lose two.

  19. tomg – Were you around in the Tug McGraw years? He had a message for those who didn’t have much faith

  20. Make it FOUR misplayed fly balls.
    Tatis should’ve caught Ruiz’s double and Evans should’ve caught Rollins’s.

  21. Annie,
    this isn’t the 73 Mets where talking about, this is the 2007 worse collapse in baseball history Mets where talking about. I know it’s 2008 but it’s basically the same team. The core of the team is the same. This team when it counts just doesn’t get it done.

  22. Gil – None – perhaps I shoud be quoting Ebby Calvin LaLoosh:
    “This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.”

  23. Ray: I was just thinking that. Of course, he could throw seven scoreless and leave the game with the score 0-0. … BTW: I see where the Jets are doing well.-JD

  24. tomg: Further evidence to back your point –we have yet to score in this series and all we’ve managed today is a bunt single.

  25. My take on Pedro: The fears are being realized. He didn’t get a fastball over 90. It’s fair to say they can’t rely on him down the stretch.-JD

  26. Gil: He said he wants to come back. But, I don’t know if his pride will let him accept a minor league contract to spring training.-JD

  27. It’s amazing that the same trend with this team the past two years with injuries to the starting and relief pitching down the stretch when the games are crucial in September.

  28. Gil, pleas no more Pedro. It’s time for the Mets to get younger especially in there pitching.

  29. JD: That’s why he should retire after this year and not even deal with a minor league contract situation.
    The way he’s going, IF the Mets make the post-season, would you really even want him in the rotation, much less on the roster?
    IF we make the playoffs, I’d leave Pedro off the roster and allow him to make up something about an injury to preserve his pride. My rotation would be Johan, Pelfrey and Oliver Perez and throw EVERYONE left in the bullpen. With Maine probably done for the year, we’re done to three reliable starters.

  30. i wouldnt want a three man playoff rotation, i might want to throw figuroa in there once in a while.

    and what are the realistic odds that we’ll win tonight? does hamels own us?

  31. I’ll say one good thing for Ramon Martinez: At least he has his own theme song played on Shea’s PA system.

  32. Guys, let’s give Pedro a little break – he’s had a serious injury, and he just buried his Dad a few weeks ago.

    I’d hate to see the Mets treat him like the Yankees treated Bernie.

  33. Annie: Good point, but with Bernie, he was one of the Yankees’ own. Martinez came to the Mets as a hired gun. The Mets are his fourth team.-JD

  34. agee: A three-man rotation in the post-season would definitely work in a best-of-five series and in a best-of-seven, all that would have to happen is to abandon tradition and think outside the proverbial box. Here’s a hypothetical:
    GM 1 – Perez
    GM 2 – Pelfrey
    GM 3 – Santana
    GM 4 – Shared between Stokes/Figueroa/Schoeneweis
    GM 5 – Perez
    GM 6- Pelfrey
    GM 7 – Santana

  35. Annie: Yes, it’s awful that Pedro’s dad died.
    Should that be taken into consideration at contract time?
    Hell no.
    Any contractual obligation the Mets have to Pedro ends after this season.
    Shake hands with Pedro, tell him thanks and best of luck.
    It’s a business, not a personal decision.

  36. Gil: I can’t see them using a committee for one game. Who knows? By that time they might have Maine back.-JD

  37. Maybe we can’t see them using a committee because no other team has ever tried it.
    Why not try a new idea?
    Can it be any worse than an injured John Maine and an over-the-hill Pedro?
    I’d take my chances on the committee.

  38. Wow,
    The Mets haven’t score a run yet in this series. That is as bad as it gets. This is another collapse. What is the odds they get shutout tonight against Hamels? Where is this teams heart and soul? Does the Mets have any pride? How can you let your division rival come in to your ball park and throw scoreless inning after scoreless inning? The Phillies pitching staff isn’t that good. It’s more like the Mets are a bunch of chokers. This is why this team will go no where. It will be another crushing september for us met fans.

  39. hey has anyone noticed that the wildcard is a legit possibility for whoever loses the NL East? i mean we swept the brewers and they’re stumbling!

    what do you think?

  40. Agee: Sure. The wild card is there. But, if you start thinking that now when you’re still leading the division (barely), it breeds negative thinking. And, I can’t help but wonder how much last September is starting to creep into their mindset.-JD

  41. JD- yea but they started it off by sweeping the second best team in the national league one the road, personally the only thing clouding their mindset is the phillies. i think after this series they’ll get hot again, lets just hope its not too late.

  42. I just got home. Lucky me. Missed a Pedro bombng I guess. This is pretty amazing. Just about all the posters from the Lower Hudson rag have moved over here. Three straight doubles. Did we trade Heilmann to the Phillies? Can’t be, this guy’s a lefty; looks like a poor man’s Schoeneweis.

  43. Hey Gil: Went to the old site. Thanks for plugging the late great Chiti as one to blog with over here. But you left out my good new buddy Sadecki!!!!!! Anyway, your post is still there. I guess they have to keep it up since its the only post for the day!!! And I guess that pitcher wasn’t Heilmann. Heilmann would have either walked Delgado or given up a HR.

  44. Maybe I’m reaching for straws here, but scoring in the eighth might help their offensive mindset in the second game. Then again, the drop off in speed between Moyer and Hamels can’t be easy.-JD

  45. Howie shouldn’t even put this game in the book – it’s not worth keeping there.

    Later – Santana.

  46. Was Pedro throwing with any velocity ?

    We’re gonna find out real soon if this team is any different than it was last year. Tight collars, and they’ll feel like nooses if they lose game 2.

  47. tomg, Why dont you stop posting under agee and your other name? You said you would stop it under lohud blog. It makes you look pretty stupid to post pro mets and anti mets using two different names. If you think the mets suck then just say it, dont cover your bets by using two names.

  48. Sorry, Chiti, but you have been too positive lately. Thank goodness tomg is back for me to confront.