Mets Chat Room, Game #2: Needing Santana.

Johan Santana needs to earn his money tonight. The Mets have dropped two straight to the Phillies, and if they lose tonight they are tied for first and don’t think for a moment thoughts of the collapse won’t resurface, if they haven’t already.

“That’s why you have a Johan,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “We’re not quite clicking like we were. It’s unfortunate come home after a good road trip and not be clicking.

“Hopefully, Johan can keep us in the game.”

I would hope the expectations are higher than that.

162 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room, Game #2: Needing Santana.

  1. If the Mets have any chance of winning tonight
    they need to hit, something they haven’t done in this series. If the Mets lose tonight I see another September collapse.

  2. Saying all this, for all the Philly fans, before you idiots open your mouths can you please win a playoff game before you talk crap.

  3. I know you guys like Manuel more than I do so please explain why Church wasn’t good enough to hit against Moyer but is good enough to hit against Hamels, or is he just too fragile to play 2 games, and why is Easley playing 2 games in one day? A perfect spot for A Reyes… The guy was a little spark plug… This team needs the spark.

  4. No way Santana makes it past 6 innings tonight. The Phils know exactly what they have to do to get the sweep. Foul off the change, drive the pitch count up, and say hello to the bullpen. This is like 1987 all over again.

  5. My reference to 87 being the dramatic final series vs the Cards, and not the strategy vs. Santana, of course.

  6. I can see Santana giving up a few home runs tonight. I also can see Hamels going the distance and pitching a shutout.

  7. Harry: I’m an Easley fan, but I agree with you. They need a spark and Argenis Reyes has been able to do that when he gets the chance. Maybe Manuel thought A. Reyes would be over anxious against Moyer. Like everybody else was.-JD

  8. Y’know, we can talk all we want about Santana being a money pitcher and how he was imported to perform in games like tonight, but that doesn’t absolve the other 24 players from not rising to the occasion.
    Exhibit A: Fernando Tatis has to catch that ball hit to him in the second.
    Exhibit B: Carlos Beltran has to catch the ball hit to him in the fourth.
    Exhibit C: Nick Evans must catch the ball hit his way in the fourth.
    Exhibit D: David Wright MUST start producing with men in scoring position.
    Exhibit E: Pedro Martinez must be able to use all his wiliness as a veteran to get Greg Dobbs out. Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, OK, I understand. But Dobbs?
    Exhibit F: The entire offense MUST do better against Jamie Moyer, who it has batted against several times this year.

  9. Gil: It’s rarely one guy, but if everything is falling apart (you gave more than enough examples how Game #1 was a team collapse), it all falls on the ace.

    But, team confidence is often determined by the starting pitcher and the Mets need Santana tonight, perhaps more than normal.-JD

  10. Jerry Manuel better figure out a way to see what he has in Al Reyes — and soon — with Billy Wagner likely done for the year.

  11. True, JD, but the problem is that the ace also needs support from the bullpen. Johan has had 13 quality starts, the most in MLB and six different times he has left a game in which he stood to be the winning pitcher and the bullpen has blown it.
    And let’s not forget what bad run support he has had this year.
    He should be going for his 19th or 20th win.
    To me, Johan has more than stepped up all year.

  12. Welcome to N Y Met September baseball….where’s a friggin stopper when you need one? Would Seaver ever allow this?

  13. Gil in Savannah,
    You are correct about the comments you made about Johan Santana. If the Mets bull pen was decent this year Johan would have at least 18 wins. I have no faith in this Met team to come up big when it counts. Johan can pitch lights out tonight and most likely the Mets will still lose the game.

  14. Gil: Not disputing he’s pitched well and better than his record indicates. But, with the offense vanishing he needs to step up again and carry more than his share of the weight. Striking out Burrell was huge.-JD

  15. Chili: I LOVE Seaver. But he did allow it –check Game 6 of the 1973 World Series, when a win would’ve given the Mets their second ring. That day, though, the A’s Reggie Jackson got the best of him.

  16. Gil, You got the wrong Reyes. If we are counting on Argenis, then forget it. Hes a nice little player, but Jose is the star, and he has been slumping this month. Wright has been killing us in the three hole and Delgado hasnt been producing his magic the last week or so. Your stars are going to make or break you. Its time for them to start producing. As an aside, Its sad to see how far Pedro has fallen.

  17. Chili – Seaver pitched before pitch counts and closers and other assorted bullpen denizens. Like many others of his era – he wasn’t looking for help on the mound, he was completely in charge of the game.

    Not the same game at all.

  18. Ray: I didn’t mean Argenis. I meant Al, the former Rays closer we recently signed.

  19. Could it be that the Mets have now said
    Way to go, Mr. Delgado!

  20. After his miserable start, who would have thought Delgado could very well be the Mets’ MVP? He deserves to have his option picked up.-JD

  21. JD – no-one is on the LoHud blog….

    Annie – I agree different game, but Seaver was always a stopper (except when Gil rightly pointed out game 6 of the 1973 WS…should have started Stone).

  22. Chili, yeah, that one was on Yogi, 73 was my first team, could you imagine if they would have beat the incredible Athletics of that time. ? anyway we are up 3-1 now. Sorry but I wouldnt want any of these negative idiots in a foxhole next to me. Lets Go Mets. yeah.

  23. i have a hunch that the following 8 innings are going to make up the greatest baseball game in history

  24. Poor Yogi: 34 years after the Series and we still say “should have started Stone”! I don’t know, you figure with Seaver and Koosman you should be able to win one out of two, wouldn’t you? I know Seaver would have had more rest, but Seaver and Koos were stars and Stone was a guy who had one magical year….

  25. Chili: Good call about Stone.
    If Yogi played his cards right, he’s have started Seaver in Game 7 and with all hands on deck, Matlack and Koosman in reserve.
    All Stone did was go 12-3 that year, for goodness sakes!

  26. Incidentally, Tom wasn’t the only competitor in the Seaver household. Nancy was playing USGA Women’s amateur golf tournaments in the tri state area as I was, and she was a terrific, reliable team mate.

  27. annie- ive never had anything against torre surprisingly…and we all have to admit that manny is awesome.

    gil- yea we’re going to win 6-5

  28. I say Go Dodgers. Let little Hanky the Yanky explain why Joe’s in the playoffs again while the Hanky Yankys are not!!

  29. Chiti,

    Matlack pitched game 7. Koozie was great that series. He was always thier best pitcher in the Postseason. Seaver and Matlack were both spent. Stone was great that year. Oh Well, we can cry about that forever. Now its time to smack these Fillies, Cannot let them walk out of here with a sweep.

  30. gil: as much as i’d hope so i see the phils taking the lead at some point after johan has left, and then a late comback by the mets in the 7th or 8th.

  31. As for all these breaks, as Chris Tucker’s character Smokey famously said in the cult classic, “Friday”:

    “Take advantage, man. Take advantage.”

  32. WOW…Phillies are really helping the Metsies out tonight….D Wright needs to knock some runs in with RISP (at least a sac fly please)!

  33. Paging Mr. Wright, Mr. David Wright:
    You’re wanted to produce in a key situation.
    Please step up.

  34. Wright just missed that pitch. He’s thinking about breaking this thing open right now.-JD

  35. man o man, why can’t they hit a sac fly…and D Wright, why can’t you knock any runs in with RISP?

  36. Time to stop being polite.
    David Wright has flat-out SUCKED this year in crucial situations.
    Yes, Johan has to be an ace, but D-Wright has to be the run producer we need.
    Can’t go up there and not even put the ball in play.

  37. Gil: Remember what I wrote about Santana needing to pitch huge because the offense isn’t there? That’s what I meant. They could have taken control of the game in that inning. But, we’ve seen this all year.-JD

  38. Gonna go down to 9th inning because the Mets are incapable of breaking a game wide open…D Wright is killing me!

  39. JD, you’re right, but Wright needs to realize HE needs to step up, too.
    Look at Beltran and Delgado earlier.
    They stepped up.
    Can you imagine Keith Hernandez or Gary Carter whiffing in a crucial spot on a fastball right down the middle of the plate?

  40. John,Ray, BH – I’m on the other side of this discussion. I don’t believe a change in his/her routine helps an athlete, often it simply unsettles them.

  41. I’d move Wright up to second, the reason being that he’s be likely to see more fastballs with Jose Reyes on base.
    But the way things are going, he can’t even hit those…

  42. JD, I hope it doesnt come to that, but it worked pretty good in 2006. But in reality Wright is our best run producer, going through a terrible spell. He was our best hitter last Sept. Give him another week, I say. Yes, this contradicts my last post. Cmon Dave we need you now.

  43. Annie, moving Wright has absolutely nothing to do with getting him going, and everything to do with the fact that, for whatever reason, that 3-spot has seen a TON of big chances with key RISP, and he is wasting them…I mean he isn’t even making productive outs right now.

  44. The Mets’ best lineup over the past three years was in 2006 when they put Beltran, Delgado and Wright 3-4-5. The key to that was Delgado hitting like a slugger. That’s why the case can be made for him as the Mets’ MVP.

    Yeah, they haven’t hit with RISP lately, and have been spotty all year, but the turnaround coincides with Delgado.-JD

  45. this is a wierd question, but with hamels struggling tonight, would anyone rather have him in than face the phillies bullpen?

  46. Gil – Things have been a bit hectic the past couple of weeks – did you get your chance to visit with Ron when you were at Shea?

  47. jd-
    i’d like one more inning with him in, we have to top of the order lol. lets hope Coste doesnt get on or else they’ll pinch hit for him

  48. Hey, Annie.
    No, unfortunately I didn’t.
    I was hoping to see about meeting up with Ron in Alanta later this month, but with an enormous and unexpected car repair bill, I may not be able to make that road trip after all. :(

  49. You are correct Gil: It was Johnny pitching, not the Kooz. I guess we should have learned our lesson then that Yankee players don’t hack it as Met managers.

    Hamels sucks tonight, so to whomever asked the question, face Hamels. He’s a wuss anyway. Biggest game of the season and he had to be cajoled into pitching on normal rest. He didn’t want to pitch and it shows.

  50. Oh Gil, That’s too bad – that pathetic little frowny face makes me feel sorry for you.

  51. Gil: I just don’t get this guy and guys like him. They want the money but they don’t want to play. A guy like Hamels should be begging to pitch in this series instead of being begged to. Its a joke.

    PS: Wagner getting hurt is not bad news. This team has gelled without his poison and the pen for the most part has done well in his absence. He vanished last September, so what else is new this September. This is one case where I want Minaya to go afte rthe big gun and bring him in. Wagner can mop or feign injury next year up since he’ll be a pain in the butt about being a set up man.

  52. Annie: Ah, the NFL.
    That season doesn’t get started for me until the first week of November, after baseball’s done.
    And with this year’s presidential election, I probably won’t even give the NFL season my full attention until the second week in November.

  53. Gil –

    I was MIA for the past two weeks going gavel-to-gavel for both conventions – gotta know both your friends and your enemies.

    I don’t like pro football, and the Brady reference was because he’s apparently out for the season with a torn ACL.

  54. Sorry, I love the hits and the scoring, but all this action tonight makes me suspicious of the Delgado diet.

  55. agee: Say it ain’t so. by the way I’m not really Chiti… He’s left us for a better world. By the way since most of you probably didn’t exist when Chiti was a Met did you know that the Mets traded for Chiti for a player to be named later, and the player to be named later turned out to be Chiti!

  56. Harry: Yes, Wagner’s been a real SOB this year, publicly throwing teammates like Oli and Delgado under the bus.
    And Wagner threw Pat Burrell and others under the bus in Philly.
    And Wagner has a nasty habit and life-threatening habit of chewing tobacco.
    But the man, when he’s right, has a 98 mph fastball and a nasty slider almost as fast.
    And despite the heroic efforts of Luis Ayala I’d take Wagner over anybody else in our bullpen.
    We may not like him, but we need him.
    The 2006 Mets had great chemistry, but did it gets us the ring?

  57. Annie: Wow! That chemically enhanced question came out of nowhere. I have to believe with all the attention on these guys now that he has to be clean and it really was about figuring out his mechanics.-JD

  58. Delcos, You got to do a better job of keeping the current post going. I Posted on the Pedro blog the last few times. tomg has been quiet lateley and so has his best friend Agee. Annie, Delgado does look slimmer, doesent He?

  59. Annie: Totally agree with you about the political conventions.
    Boy…one of those parties’ floor delegates are especially adept at repeatedly chanting “USA!” at any and all empty rhetoric they hear, considering only military service as patriotic service to the country and mocking other kinds, wildly grinning and hooting to the smug, sarcastic tirade of a gun-toting ex-beauty pageant candidate who likens herself to a female dog, and completely glossing over the fact that no actual plans or ideas were shared by anyone on what to do about the economy, the housing crisis, rising unemployment and a failing public education system.
    But I’m not naming any specific parties!

  60. Ray,
    Tommie Agee was my favorite player when I was a kid but he wasn’t my best friend. Stop spreading rumors.

  61. He may be ice cold at the plate, but D-Wright’s on his way to earning another gold glove.

  62. Yes Tom, you were sorely misssed. since everybody wants to post on politics, I will give my opinion, Both parties are different sides of the same coin. Does anything really change?

  63. tom, why dont you stop the BS? you already admitted that you were posting under both names before. Why are you afraid to post under one name>?

  64. Ray,
    I agree, politics and politician’s are full of s@@t. I don’t care if it’s a democrat or a republican.

  65. Gil – we are in agreement – and I just hope that people realize all of what you said. Everything is not as it seems, and this election is very important.

    My favorite scene is of Andrea Mitchell drowning in a sea of balloons last Thursday night with Tom and Brian teasing her from the booth.

  66. Sorry Ray, ask JD. I’ve always posted under this name. I don’t know who you think I am. I do notice that you always look to start a fight which on a blog is useless.

  67. Ray – I don’t think he is slimmer, but I am confused about these multiple hit games and then nothing for days/weeks thereafter. Just makes me wonder.

  68. Annie: Indeed, we are at a crucial crossroads. If the country doesn’t make the SMART choice this time, well, may the Lords of Kobol help us all.
    By the way, I lived in San Diego for 10 years before moving here. Does my having lived close to Mexico make me as qualified for VP as someone who, say, lived in Alaska, across the Bering Strait from Russia? :)

  69. AS for politics, the best thing we could do is to vote out every incumbent. This country is in deep deep trouble. Tomg. Delcos knows that you post under agee and tomg. good cop, bad cop. Who needs it. you are only a petty annoyance anyway.

  70. I love that Santana is coming out for one more inning. After 26 pitches in the first, I never thought he’d make it this far. He’s pitched huge tonight.-JD

  71. Gil – Absolutely you can use any criteria you think may help. Doesn’t even have to be true – lots of stuff running around the internet, blogs etc. I’ve gotten several which are pretty good written by residents of the Far North. Even though one candidate seems to be unable to speak to the press, the blogs are making up for that.

  72. The 2006 Mets also had Wagner… Wagner the great helped the Cards get their rings. By the way what good is a closer who can’t pitch in the 8th inning, can’t come in with men on base and still manages to blow far too many saves. And he destroys his mates regularly. You can have him. I like the pen the way it is today. Its certainly not blowing any more saves than that overpaid overrated Wagner did.

    Sadecki::: How you be man….?

  73. JD,
    can you please straighten out this guy Ray Sadecki. He thinks I am posting multiple names. It’s amazing that this clown accuses me of doing something that I haven’t done but he is convinced.

  74. Guys – I understand that Santana had over 100 pitches, but the score is only 5-2. The bullpen has lost more of those games than won them and that makes me very nervous. We need to end this weekend with a win or we will all be very cranky on the day off.

  75. Yes, gil,

    Sorry to say it, but you are for obama for the same reason you were for Randolph. Its the color of thier skin. What does obama know about Russia? I dont like either candidate, If I get banned from here so be it. Every black person I know wants Obama, Why isnt that racism?

  76. Stokes has looked GREAT so far.
    Only one bad outing I can think of, back in Pittsburgh.
    IF we make the post-season, I leave Heilman off the roster. Stokes has earned his way to being the prime righty setup man for Ayala.
    Harry: Yes, Wagner didn’t have a good post-season in ’06 and has historically been bad in the post-season. I was hoping the time he spent with no baseball activity would help freshen him up for the stretch run and possible post-season.
    Guess that won’t happen.
    I just hope Ayala can keep it up.

  77. Bloggers – about all those names. Make it easy for all of us – choose just one name, post under that name all the time and we will all be happy and unconfused. OK?

  78. Apoligies for tomg then,he did post under an agee name before. I know toms opinions. as long as he owns them he has no problem with me.

  79. Annie savoy,
    I will only say this one more time and than it’s a dead issue to me. I have always posted under one name and that name is tomg. I don’t know what is up with this Ray sadecki character and I don’t care. I don’t appreciate someone accusing me of something I’m not doing.

  80. I know the bullpen pitched came through last inning, but can we all agree this extra run is pretty big?-JD

  81. Ray, is it hard to imagine that maybe this guy agee has similar opinions? Anyway JD knows me well since I’ve been blogging on his blogs since last year.

  82. To all: tomg has posted under one name. That’s something I’ve always requested and he has done so.-JD

  83. Do you guys watch the ninth inning with your hands over your eyes and you peek through your fingers?-JD

  84. Ray: I resent your saying I’d vote for a presidential candidate because of his ethnicity.
    Are white voters EVER accused of voting for white candidates because of the color of their skin?
    But, since you raised that point, here are a list of African-Americans in politics I’d rather see someone of ANY other ethnicity have, based on their VALUES: Clarence Thomas, Condolleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Alan Keyes, Maxine Waters and Kwame Kilpatrick, the recently disgraced mayor of Detroit, who just resigned.
    As for what Obama knows about Russia:
    He knows the way to deal with its government isn’t to antagonize it with bluster and declare all U.S. citizens “Georgians” as his opponent has done.
    And surely you can’t believe Obama got the Democratic nomination beause of the black vote, can you? If not for his white support in the primaries, he doesn’t get the nomination.
    As for why he gets black votes?
    1. Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review; McCain finished 394 out of 397th in his graduating class at the U.S. Naval Acadmey.
    2. Obama, as a community organizer, helped imporverished Chicago residents get a job center and get housing issues resolved; McCain inherited his wife’s Budweiser distribution wealth, says you have to make $5M to be considered wealthy and owns 7 houses.
    3. In four years, Obama has co-sponsored bills in the US Senate to reform ethics, promote the elimination of nuclear weapons; in 26 years in the US Senate, McCain has voted against increasing the minimum wage and cleaner environmental policies.
    4. Obama has called for troop reduction in Iraq and increased forces in Afghanistan, where the 9/11 perpetrators are and are regaining strength; McCain said we should stay in Iraq for 100 years if necessary and that Afghanistan is over.
    But then again, I’m only voting for Obama because of his most importan qualifiation, his blackness.

  85. Finally a happy recap to put in The Book.

    Enjoy the day off tomorrow, and we’ll get back to our cheering on Tuesday night when the Nationals come visiting.

  86. John –

    Of course that’s what we do.

    I think it’s a rule that you must do it when you are scared to death that your team will not be able to hold the lead.

  87. Delcos, Dont make me look like an idiot. Maybe you want to keep peace in the neighborhood. Dont do it at my expense. tomg has admitted to using agee as well as his own name in the past. It may have been a different agee. I think it was agee20 before. Anyway tomg you are wrong again. Mets win before Santana and are alone in first place. How do you like them apples?

  88. This is certainly a strange turn of events. All this fighting, and I’m not a part of it!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I love it, its like being in a bar while not paying those bar prices for your beer! Thanks all…..

  89. Ray: Nobody is trying to make you look like an idiot. I checked the comments and there are separate listings on tomg and agee. Calm down. The Mets won. All should be right in your world.-JD

  90. Gil, I didnt bring up Politics here. You did . Obama wants to keep us into war doesnt he? Thats why the powers that be will back him. Yes I know its just me when over 90 percent of black voters want Obama. You brought it up not me. I dont even want McCain. Why dont you wake up already?

  91. Sadecki: You got Obama’s war position backwards. But forget it, the Mets didn’t look like the chokers tonight. The all perfect Chase Utley looked like a choker instead.

  92. JD. You dissapoint me. It was under the lohud site that you confronted ageee/tomg and he gave a response that he would stop it. Is your memory that short?

  93. Chiti, I cant let this go. When the man is talking about attackiing Iran and Pakistan, does that mean this madness will end? put your democratic team allegiance aside for a minute and think about whats really at stake?

  94. Ray: Lohud? What’s that? Under this site the record shows he hasn’t. tomg and agee have two different email addresses on this site. The new blog has gotten off to a good start. Let’s keep it going.-JD

  95. just got home, sorry i wasn’t around to comment throughout the game. thankfully my day was a good one with the jets and now the mets taking care of business.

    i know it’s been said at various other times throughout the year, but this is the first time i will say, this is the game santana was brought here to win.

    jd — having read tonight’s thread, it appears as if the blog hasn’t missed a beat…congratulations again on getting it up and running so quickly.

  96. And, why are we talking politics? If you want to talk politics, the Mets have a couple of off days coming up and we can set it up for then.-JD

  97. Ray: I brought up politics, but you brought up the notion of voting based on race, not values and accused me of doing that.
    In fact, I am a registered non-partisan voter.
    If I voted only for black presidential candidates, I would’ve voted for Al Sharpton or Carol Mosely-Braun in the 2004 primaries. I did neither. I chose Wesley Clark — who, last time I checked was white — and I voted for him.
    Now a quick history lesson for you that may explain why blacks would support a black Democratic presidential candidate — African-Americans make up less than 5 percent of the Republican party and since FDR’s days, Democrats have enjoyed about 90 percent of African-American support.
    And PLENTY of black politicians supported Hillary Clinton over Obama: Your Congressman Charles Rangel is but one of many.
    As for Obama’s war position, you’ve clearly missed his message: He voted AGAINST authorizing the Iraq War and as early as two years ago, he has argued for troop reduction and a timetable for eventual withdrawal (something the current presidential administration and the Iraqi government now endorse).
    But with the Taliban and al-Qaeda reorganizing in Afghanistan, Obama has called for adding troops there.
    Another weak argument against Obama: He’d talk with our enemies.
    Well, what was Condi Rice just doing this past week, meeting face-to-face with Muammar Qaddafi of Libya, a country with a long rap sheet of terrorist acts that earned it a place on the US list of state-sponsored terrorism?

  98. Sorry, JD, if I led the discusion away.
    But I’m as passionate about the well-being of our beloved country as I am about our beloved baseball team.
    And when someone accuses me of something so egregious — and racist — as voting based on ethnic similarity, I have to respond and defend myself.
    Great win tonight.
    Now let’s get ready to kick some National butt this week!

  99. Gil, again for your argument, ( Is it Politically correct to challenge?) there have been twice as many murders in his town (Chicago) as there have been in Bahgdad the last year. As a matter of fact,Martial law has been invoked in certain Chicago neighboods this summer. Is this what we want to see for our country?

  100. To Gil and Ray: Remember that scene in Bull Durham when they had the conference on the mound? I don’t remember them talking about politics.

    Politics are a hot button issue to a lot of people and I don’t want this to turn into a mud slinging. I also don’t want to turn off people who want to talk baseball and sports and fun things.


  101. Barack Obama is NOT the mayor of Chicago. He is a U.S. Senator.
    Political correctness has nothing to do with your accusation of my voting for black candidates because of my ethnicity.
    You could’ve easily challenged my support of Obama with any arguments for why McCain, in your opinion, would be a better choice, but you presented none.
    It wouldn’t occur to me to assert that you vote for any candidate because he or she shares your ethnicity or religion, so why would you go there with me?
    Call me crazy, but I believe people vote for candidates based on similar values, worldview and positions on issues.
    Here’s a link for you that compares where Obama and McCain stand on 10 important isues. I invite you to read it and choose for yourself. Then, if JD really does make this blog political for tomorrow’s off-day and you still oppose Obama, then by all means — as Dubya would say — Bring it on!,0,3329927.story

  102. Gil, tell me why its not racist for blacks to vote 90 percent for Obama and then we can continue this discussion. Isnt that a valid question?

  103. JD, I wont comment on politics anymore as long as you keep others from discusssing their views here.

  104. Oh, Yeah, Great Win by the Metsies tonigt. How nice is it to have Santana instead of Glav for an ace. Concern about Pedro abounds however.

  105. Ray: Not ducking you, but listen, could we table our discussion for another time — and perhaps another blog?
    I should’ve kept on the topic at hand — something that unites us — Mets baseball.
    And from here on in, on game nights, that’s what I’m gonna stick to.

  106. So JD… Is it better having me not creating the controversy? If I didn’t promise to use one name I could have resurrected poor Hello From DC and re-united this board against me last night!!!!!!!!
    Nah! It was too much useless time spent trying to find something positive to say about that horrible team. I will be down there next week for at least one game. I said in Spring I wouldn’t go to games this year but when they brought in the kids Murphy/Reyes and and Pelfrey became a regular vice some 40 year old I liked their makeup a lot better.