Sept. 5.08: Time to prove something.

Do you remember, their lead last year that disappeared in two weeks?

Of course, you do. Let’s hope the Mets remember, too. Willie Randolph said in spring training that the collapse was behind them, but when he took over Jerry Manuel said if he were manager he would have hammered the collapse home as a motivator.

If nothing else, the Mets should have learned about fragility. And, that’s not just in the late innings when the bullpen has the game. It is advancing runners and hitting with runners in scoring position from the first inning on. They’ve played well lately, but this remains a concern.

What the Mets should have learned from last year is the development of the killer instinct. No matter what happens this weekend, the Mets will not win or lose the NL East. But, winning two of three, at least, gives them the hammer.

Let’s hope this time, they don’t drop it on their foot.

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9 thoughts on “Sept. 5.08: Time to prove something.

  1. Good to see you back, John.

    I’m pretty geeked for this series. There’s good pitching match ups in each game, although we’ll have to see what Pedro has. I’d be very happy with 2 out of 3.

  2. Thank goodness you are back! I am so haapy to hear that you will still be giving all of us diehard Mets fans a place to go to for real Mets insights and original dialogue.

    Your LoHud blog was my favorite Mets blog and it totally sucks and I haven’t been back since you left.

    As for this big series, the Mets will sweep!

    I have foreseen it…

  3. I’m going all three games. I have a Tues/Fri plan and a Sat plan so that was covered, and moving the Sunday game to the ESPN slot made it easy to pick up something good on the secondary market.

    I *am* concerned about rain this weekend. I am not sure that we want a doubleheader on Saturday or Sunday. Currently 70% chance of rain both nights.

  4. Caryn: Where are you seeing 70% for Sunday? The website shows 20% and most weather reports that I heard say it’s supposed to be fine on Sunday. Tonight, the showers aren’t supposed to come until late. Saturday i’m sure the game will be rained out.

  5. My brother made me aware of this, and I will post it to my favorites. I really like the Mets chances this year to run away if, let alone not collapse for two big reasons.
    1. Johan is a bona fide stopper. They paid hor him to be one, and he is.
    2. Carlos Delgado is hitting again. If you look at the Mets since Mike Jacobs was at first they were a fringe team. They broughta productive Carlos in, the ran away with the division. Last year, and the first have of this year Carlos was underperforming, and they were a .500 team. Now he has hit and they are way over .500.

  6. Steve – I heard the same thing about rain tomorrow – torrential rain, some said. Question – we are nearing the end of the season, playing the Phillies. If tomorrow gets rained out with a FOX game at 3:55PM, can they arrange a doubleheader on Sunday even though the night game is on ESPN?


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