Sept. 5.08: Mets pregame notebook.

Jerry Manuel nuggets:

-So far, Pedro Martinez is a go for tomorrow. I wouldn’t go overboard on the over/under for his innings. Say 4 1/3.

-It looks as if the Mets could get left closer Billy Wagner back next week. Luis Ayala will get the ninth tonight. “We feel very good about his chances of coming back. I don’t think it will happen this weekend, but shortly after that he should be ready to go,” Manuel said today.

-Nothing new on John Maine. Forget the closer idea.

-Manuel on Dan Murphy playing second in the future: “I think Murphy’s a good baseball player. it would be not fair if we didn’t think he could do that, If you are a baseball player, and that’s what you do, you should be able to play any where on that field, except for maybe behind the plate.” You might recall several weeks ago when I spoke with GM Omar Minaya he left it open for Murphy to play first base in the Arizona Instructional League this fall.

3 thoughts on “Sept. 5.08: Mets pregame notebook.

  1. JD – Good to see your back.
    Is it now a forgone conclusion that Omar is willing to admit that the Castillo signing was not a good one. Otherwise why are we looking at other 2nd base possibilities.
    I am hopeful that Murphy does not become a modern day Gregg Jeffries – good bat, but no defined field position.
    Also what will be done about eventual replacements for Easley and M Anderson, or are they just slots that you can fill in with other journeyman veterans.

  2. i think murphy’s role going forward will be contingent on what other moves they make in the off-season.

    barring anything drastic, i’d say delgado is now a lock to start ’09 at 1B.

    i think it’s very likely the mets will look to eat however much of castillo’s contract is necessary in order to move him.

    which would mean murphy might have the chance to play there (and i think he’ll get time in the fall leagues at 2b – if he’s not otherwise preoccupied with playoffs).

    and then clearly, there’s the spot in LF, as the once projected citi field OF with FMart patrolling left is not going to be happening in ’09.

    so would the mets look to continue a murphy/evans platoon? let murphy man it alone? or sign a big righty bat to balance out the lineup?

    as for easley and marlon…i believe marlon is under contract for next year, and wouldn’t be surprised to see the mets give easley another 1 year deal based on his production.