Sept. 5.08: Making a case for Pelfrey.

We all know that had Johan Santana gotten more bullpen and run support this season he’d be closing in on 20 wins if he weren’t there already.

For all that money, Santana should have been a given, and he turned out that way.

But, Mike Pelfrey opened the season at 5-9 lifetime. He’s now 18-17 lifetime. He has a long way to go in his career, but he’s made giant strides this season. His development might be one of the most important things to happen to the Mets this season. Where they would be with last year’s Pelfrey is a frightening thought.

6 thoughts on “Sept. 5.08: Making a case for Pelfrey.

  1. I just noticed this site. I hadn’t really been reading the LoHud mets blog since you weren’t there anymore but I clicked on it today out of habit and saw in the comments section a link to this blog.

    I’m glad to see it. The blog looks great.

    I agree about Pelfrey. I really didn’t expect this from him either but I did think that this was a make or break year for him. For all the talk about how young he is the truth is that a lot of pitchers find success much younger than Pelfrey has. Whats remarkable is just how good he has been. He didn’t just take a step forward this year, he took a giant leap forward.

  2. Still as negative as ever John. It’s never just, look how great Pelfrey is, look how he’s helped this team. It’s always, look how bad the Mets would if they didn’t have him, like they got lucky or something. Some things never change, well I guess that’s not entirely true, now is it John…HA HA HA!

  3. Mike Francesa, alone at Shea Stadium without the Dog, had a lengthy interview today with Jerry Manuel on WFAN/YES mainly about Mike Pelfrey. I didn’t catch it all, but perhaps someone here did. Can you post?

  4. Metsfan: So nice to hear from you. Where do you see the negative. I was pointing out how important Pelfrey has been to the Mets.-JD

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  6. I agree. BigPelf is a huge surprise. He was feeling his way the early part of the season. I wonder how things would be for him the past few years without the jacket. He really seems to have held many down most importantly BigPelf and changing his second pitch as he became a pro.

    To see BigPelf the leader in wins on this team is a shock. As big a shock as Delgado being mentioned in MVP discussions.