Sept. 5.08: Mets Chat Room: Talking about your Mets.

Hi folks. For those who know me, please bear with me. For those who don’t, please understand I always wanted the concept of my blog, and the in-game Chat Room, to be like watching on TV with your friends. Plenty of give-and-take, commentary and questions.

I hope we can recapture that here.

I’m hoping you guys take over tonight and enjoy yourselves. Thanks again for all your support and looking forward to a lot of fun for the rest of the season and beyond.

By the way, I’m already looking into postseason credentials. Hope I get to use them.

58 thoughts on “Sept. 5.08: Mets Chat Room: Talking about your Mets.

  1. Thanks Kevin …. Looking forward to finishing out the season and talking with you guys in the playoffs. And, I believe there will be playoffs for the last year at Shea.-JD

  2. unfortunately i got stuck with the phillies feed on directv today, and the phillies announcers compared dan murphy’s hitting to a pitcher?!? because he flails balls the opposite way?

  3. G’evenin’ all. Will be in and out tonight. Great to be back on the Delco’s Blog. Watching Kallas and Wheels ’cause that’s who’s on Direct TV tonight. Darn!!!
    2 strikeouts in a row, if not for the 1st inning error it would be 0-0.

  4. When there are big crowds on Friday night it takes awhile for everybody to get in to the stadium because people are all getting there at the same time after work.. It will be rocking soon enough.

  5. Hey Delcos: You must have been pretty good at your job. They’ve had about 5 guys sharing your job. Good luck….. Find a job you like if possible.

    PS: I keep my word. This is the only name.
    Love and kisses Harry Chiti!!!

  6. Hi Everyone –

    Glad to be back on the blog and good to see all of you.

    Watching Pelfrey closely tonight – I haven’t seen him in a while. Also good to see Ryan Church back.

    Both Manuel and Minaya were optimistic in lengthy interviews with Francesa this afternoon – and now, John says he thinks there will be playoffs. I hope so.

  7. About Church, I have noticed that he is really struggling to hit breaking balls, was he having the same problem prior to the concussions?

  8. Well looks like Myers is up to his tight rope act he’s been doing lately. Great to see you back JD.

  9. Well lets give credit where its due and not just blame the offense Howard is making some great plays and Myers is ounding the strike zone like its his wife.

  10. Harry: Thanks. You made me laugh. That’s a plus. Glad you found your way over here. … I’m liking Pelfrey, but where did all the bats go?-JD

  11. They just tossed the Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee. I don’t know why, but I will find out later.

  12. I like Wright, but he is absolutely killing the team right now, he has to be dropped in the order.

  13. BH: I think with Church it is about getting his timing back. I don’t recall him having a big problem with breaking balls before the concussion.-JD

  14. I’d drop Wright to 5 or 6, definitely not suggesting he hit 8th. Too many big spots are coming up for the 3 spot lately though.

    On a different note, what is this ump on, he K’d Castillo twice on bogus calls and just called a ball on a better pitch from Pelf than either of the supposed strikes to K Castillo.

  15. With the rain expected tomorrow and probable doubleheader on Sunday, this game is very pivotal for the Mets to win 2 out of 3.

  16. I think you leave Wright where he is because it has worked so well so far, but he needs to pick it up.

  17. Please find out what happened with the Phils PC. I was watching on TV ut the Harry and Wheels never said anything.

    got called out on the Lohud blog for mentioning this one. Oh, well, it’s information, that’s out,

  18. Congrats John, Looks like a massive exodus has taken place from Lohud to your blog. My new best friend Harry Chiti is here now and that seals the deal for me. Lets go Mets

  19. Castillo looks bad, but so do all the other Mets hitters tonight. Myers is looking great.

  20. Myers is pitching the game of his life. One more chance. Chiti are you out there? You told me to come here but where are you?

  21. The other blog is very empty for a while now. As much as I like this feel kind of bad about that. Still it will fill up with others.

    In the meantime do I sense life in the 9th inning here?

  22. Howie has put this game in the books –
    not the usual Mets spirit at the ballpark tonight. Pitcher’s duels don’t encourage cheers. And, the Weather Channel is mentioning inches of rain and heavy winds for the Shea area starting later tonight.

    So, tomorrow it’s either Hanna or Pedro at 3:30 on FOX.

  23. Sadecki: Delcos is going to faint!!!
    Tough game. Meyers had good breaking pitches. Glad I didn’t have to listen to “Wheels” all night!!!
    Lidge didn’t have anything but 3 is hard to get. As long as its not a sweep it ain’t nothing!!!
    See you tomorrow or Sunday.

  24. Annie,

    I have missed your giving us the Howie putting it in the books. I hope next time you will give us a happy recap.

  25. Chiti, I know why are you are here, you old curmudgeon, You didnt have anybody good to fight with over there anymore. Lidge, I dont know how he is doing it. He looks like somebody you can just pound on, but he gets the outs. All were hard hit balls off him tonight. We will get him next time. BTW, how do you like Omar now?

  26. How do i like Omar. Omar was fortunate this year. The team improved with each passing injury to his old buddies…Fortunately for the Mets and us, enough old guys got hurt and he was forced to use kids like Murphy, Evans, A Reyes. And Warthen gets a ton of credit for freeing OP and Pelfrey from the strict reign of Peterson. Unfortunately nobody could help poor Heilmann. He needs a new home badly. I have no faith in Omar keeping the kids. If he does my Omar meter goes up.

  27. YES! I found it! Good to see you’re still writing about the Mets.

    The only thing about this site is that it doesn’t say how many comments are on a particular article, just says click to post. If you could change that it’d be great 😀

  28. To all of you: Thank you very much for tonight. It was important for me to get back in the game. I missed the blog very much and your input tonight was tremendous. For a first day, I couldn’t be more pleased. Talk with you later. Thanks.-JD

  29. John I just found out you now have this blog. Hope all is well with you. Tough loss last night but some nights you run into a pitcher who can shut down anybody. We’ll get them the rest of the series.
    Anyone order those Shea Stadium seats yet? I’m debating whether I should blow my “reduce credit card debt” resolution. Somewhere I have some Jane Jarvis organ on tapes Howie Rose played about 15 years ago on WFAN.

  30. Wow.

    JD you have lots of traffic here. See! it really is not Gannet after all!

    Now you need to add the links you used to have. Find some web advertisers and write some articles to post here.

    I read AM ny on the way to work and i tell you they could use a professional on their sports pages, their money pages could use a face lift too but I don’t know if you travel that far.


  31. What’s up, JD and everyone else!
    Good to see we’re all back up and running.
    The upside of the rainout is that I didn’t miss it while driving from Michigan to Asheville, NC.
    The downside?
    Comcast isn’t showing the game on MLB Extra Innings, so I’m stuck with the Phillies’ broadcast on

  32. Hi Gil –

    Glad to see you are back, too. I’m stuck with the radio for the first game, but will be able to see the second on ESPN.

    I’m on convention overload – watched both, gavel to gavel.